Another Word for WELL DONE: 36 Creative Ways Of Saying “Well Done!”

Another word for “well done”!!! Do you need synonyms for well done? Here are over 30 synonyms words you can use instead.

Well Done Synonyms

Other Ways to Say “Well Done”

Here are different ways to say “well-done” in English.

  • Bravo
  • Good
  • The stuff of champions
  • Fantastic
  • I just love it
  • First-class
  • Good work
  • Nice job
  • Far out
  • You’re doing well
  • Cool
  • Wow
  • Neat
  • Magnificient
  • Polished performance
  • Unbelievable
  • Super!
  • Keep it up!
  • I like that
  • Way to go
  • Marvelous
  • Clever
  • Good for you
  • Well, look at you go
  • Tremendous
  • I am impressed
  • Sensational
  • Felicitation
  • You did it at that time.
  • You are really improving.
  • You make it look easy.
  • You rock.
  • Greetings
  • That is the first classwork.
  • Keep up the good work.
  • That is better than ever.

Well Done Synonym Examples


  • Bravo, Rena! You’re right,” the students said.


  • What a fantastic goal!

I just love it

  • I just love it when you bring me presents!


  • She was awarded a first-class degree in English.

Good work

  • Good work, guys! Way to go!

Nice job

  • Hey, Miguel! Nice job, champ. How many records did you break?

Far out

  • Far out, the bay had a glaze-like celadon.


  • Hey! Cool it! Don’t get so excited!


  • Wow! Those cakes sold out fast.


  • The fourth goal came from a throw-in. It’s unbelievable.


  • What a super idea!

Keep it up!

  • Keep it up! The final victory is in sight.

I like that

  • Oh yeah, I like that a lot.

Way to go

  • Good work, guys! Way to go!


  • Her range at shortstop, even at 34, was marvelous.


  • This book was the outcome of a tremendous amount of scientific work.


  • You look sensational in that dress!

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Different Ways of Saying “Well Done” in English

Well Done Synonyms

Last Updated on January 8, 2021

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  1. Thanks for the list! A few things that might help you improve:
    Not sure when you’d ever say “you did it at that time” (it’s kind of offensive! It implies you only ever did it once and would be unable to do it again – not in a good way!). Also you’d say “that was firstclass work” meaning it was really good work, not “that was the first classwork” (that means it was the first work that you completed in a class!). Also “cool it” means to calm down. You’re maybe looking for the phrase “that was cool” meaning “that was good”.
    Hope that helps!


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