15 Simple Ways to Interrupt Someone Politely in English Conversations

Here are some ways to interrupt someone in a conversation that will allow you to interject and make your point while still being polite to the other members of the conversation.

Ways to Interrupt Someone Politely

How to Interrupt Someone Politely

These are some expressions you can use to nicely interrupt.

  • Excuse me for butting in but…
  • Sorry for interrupting but…
  • Just a moment, I’d like to…
  • Can I just butt in for a second?
  • I’m sorry to interrupt, but…
  • Excuse me (name), may I add to that …?
  • Excuse me. Could I talk to you for a minute?
  • Do you mind if I just say…
  • If I could just come in here. I think…
  • If I can just stop you for a moment …
  • Can I add something here?
  • May I interrupt for a second?
  • Before you go on, I’d like to say something…
  • Can I just mention something?
  • Can I just say something here?

Impolite Ways to Interrupt Someone

  • What are you talking about?
  • Wait a minute!
  • What was that?

How to Interrupt Someone | Infographic

Ways to Interrupt Someone in English

Ways to Interrupt Someone

Last Updated on July 27, 2020

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