Another Word for UNDERSTAND: 27 Understand Synonyms to Build your Vocabulary

Another word for “understand”!!! On this page, we provide a list of all the synonyms for the word “understand” in English. This useful list will further help you build your vocabulary, especially at advanced levels.

Understand Synonyms

Other Words for Understand List

Below is a list of “understand” synonyms to help you improve and expand your English vocabulary.

  • Get
  • Realize
  • Be conscious of
  • Discern
  • Connotative
  • See
  • Know
  • Be with it
  • Comprehend
  • Fathom
  • Catch on to
  • Grasp
  • Perceive
  • Identify with
  • Conceive
  • Make out
  • Find out
  • Exoteric
  • Make sense
  • Take in
  • Appreciate
  • Be aware of
  • Recognize
  • Dig (slang)
  • Figure out
  • Tumble to
  • Keen

Synonyms for Understand Examples


  • Okay, I get it. You only get paid if you sell at least ten copies.


  • We don’t realize what a privilege it is to grow old with someone.

Be conscious of

  • I was very conscious of the fact that I had to make a good impression.


  • It is often difficult to discern the truth of an event from a newspaper report.


  • Sometimes the right person for you was there all along. You just didn’t see it because the wrong one was blocking the sight.


  • I know I need to go to the dentist but I’ve been putting off the evil day as long as possible.

Be with it

  • She wasn’t really with it. She hadn’t taken in the practical consequences.


  • The judge said that it was difficult to comprehend why the police acted so in this matter.


  • He couldn’t fathom why she’d taken such exception to Eleanor.

Catch on to

  • I don’t quite catch on to what she is saying.


  • I can’t grasp the meaning of this quotation.


  • If you want me to change my behavior then I need to perceive some advantage in doing so.

Identify with

  • I didn’t enjoy the book because I couldn’t identify with any of the main characters.


  • I can’t conceive why you allowed your daughter to travel alone.

Make out

  • I could hear voices but I couldn’t make out what they were saying.

Find out

  • Read the small print in your contract to find out exactly what you are insured for.

Make sense

  • I didn’t know what he was on about. It didn’t make sense.

Take in

  • I tried to take in what he was saying about nuclear fusion, but most of it went over my head.


  • He did not fully appreciate the significance of signing the contract.

Be aware of

  • I am acutely aware of the difficulties we face.


  • Don’t wait to be lonely, to recognize the value of a friend.

Figure out

  • If you could ever figure out how to market this you’d make a fortune.

Tumble to

  • At last, she tumbled to the fact that he had been deceiving her for a long time.

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Other Words for “Understand”

Understand Synonyms

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