Tundra Animals: 40 Animals You Can Find in the Tundra

Tundra animals!!! Tundra is a harsh environment in the world that only the toughest plants and animals can survive in. Here, we provide a wonderful list of animals that live in the tundra biomes in English.

Tundra Animals

List of Tundra Animals

Here is the list of the common names of animals you will find in the tundra.

  • Yellow-eyed Penguin
  • Yak
  • Weddell Seal
  • Walrus
  • Tundra Swan
  • Stoat
  • Snowy Owl
  • Snow Petrel
  • Snow Leopard
  • Rock Ptarmigan
  • Reindeer
  • Red Fox
  • Puffin
  • Polar Bear
  • Pika
  • Orca
  • Narwhal
  • Musk Ox
  • Mountain Goat
  • Moose
  • Molt
  • Marmot
  • Lemming
  • Kea
  • Husky
  • Himalayan Tahr
  • Harbor Seal
  • Elk
  • Chinchilla
  • Caribou
  • Cape Petrel
  • Beluga Whale
  • Bald Eagle
  • Arctic Wolf
  • Arctic Tern
  • Arctic Hare
  • Arctic Fox
  • Arctic Dog
  • Antarctic Prion
  • Antarctic Penguin

Tundra Animals Examples


  • The meat is fat and gristle from tough old yaks, sheep, and goats.


  • He is the queer old duck with the knee-length gaiters and walrus mustache.


  • I shall come down your burrow and chivvy you out like an old stoat.

Snowy Owl

  • In contrast to the barn owl, the snowy owl is represented by only a single pellet sample.

Snow Leopard

  • Last week he rolled wrote about another animal, the yell rare snow leopard.


  • Father Christmas travels in a sleigh pulled by reindeer.

Red Fox

  • In Alaska’s Denali National Park, a red fox opens wide for a yawn.


  • The first time I spotted a puffin I thought I was seeing things.

Polar Bear

  • We saw a baby polar bear at the zoo.


  • It is indicated that pika has apparently suppressed the growth of forage, and has an impact on the structure of vegetables.


  • I am just an orca, but I am glad that my life has counted for something.


  • The narwhals do not arrive until May, but by then the sea ice is long gone.

Musk Ox

  • Musk ox calves huddle together during a snowfall at Musk Ox Farm in Palmer, Alaska.

Mountain Goat

  • The thick coat of the mountain goat protects it against the rigors of winter.


  • She has hunted wild game, mainly roe deer and moose, and has had little impact on livestock.


  • William didn’t know why the fleas left the marmots for the rats.


  • North American lemming having a white winter coat and some claws much enlarged.


  • My favorite dog is a Siberian Husky!


  • With few bears and wolves about these days, elk rules their forest habitat.


  • This chinchilla is a mosaic with white and violet fur.


  • I was talking with my Inuit host, his wife piled Arctic wolf and caribou skins on the ice bed.

Beluga Whale

  • beluga whale swims in a tank at the Vancouver Aquarium.

Bald Eagle

  • Yeah, and you can still see a bald eagle at the Desert Museum.

Arctic Hare

  • He looks around, and what’s not there? The hare the hare, the Arctic hare.

Arctic Fox

  • The Arctic fox can survive some of the most extreme temperatures on the planet with its thick fur and low surface-area-to-volume ratio.

Tundra Animals | Infographic

English Vocabulary for Tundra Animals

Tundra Animals

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