TIME Idioms: 10 Useful Idioms About Time in English

Time Idioms in English!!! Check out these 10 English idioms related to time with their meaning and some time idiom examples.

Time Idioms and their Meaning

Here are some common English idioms and phrases about time.

1. A devil of a time

Meaning: A difficult or frustrating time

2. For the time being

Meaning: At the present moment; for now

3. Bad time

Meaning: An inconvenient moment or an unfortunate experience

4. Time to hit the road

Meaning: Time to depart

5. Around the clock

Meaning: At all times

6. Kill time

Meaning: To do something while waiting

7. As time goes by

Meaning: As time passes or moves

8. Lose track of time

Meaning: To be unaware of what time it is

9. Caught in a time wrap

Meaning: Unchanged in an antiquated or obsolete way

10. Have a time of it

Meaning: To experience particular trouble or difficulty

Time Idiom Examples

  • He had a devil of a time getting home.
  • We shall put it aside for the time being.
  • I want to impress on everyone that the bad times are over.
  • It is time to hit the road again.
  • The company worked around the clock to repair the problem.
  • We played cards to kill time until the bus came.
  • As time goes by, they turn against each other.
  • You become so deeply absorbed in an activity that you lose track of time.

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Common Time Idioms in English

Time Idioms

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