SMH Meaning: What does SMH Mean? How to Use It in Texting?

SMH Meaning!!! Many people know the meaning of text abbreviations and chat acronyms such as LOL, BRB, LMAO, TBH, TFW,… but there are some ones that we probably don’t know. One such acronym is SMH. So, what does it mean?

SMH Meaning

What does SMH Mean?

SMH is an internet acronym that stands for “Shake My Head” or “Shaking My Head“.

SMH = Shake My Head/ Shaking My Head

This term is used in texting, tweeting, or messaging another person to indicate disbelief or indicating something that the messenger finds stupid or unreal. You may hear this acronym on various social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Reddit, etc.

If you need a little more emphasis, go with acronym SMDH. It means “shaking my damn head.”


1. I held up the sweaters, turning from side to side, SMH.

2. Thomas: “I purchased these shoes! I won’t be able to purchase any food this week.”

Jane: SMH.

3. The media coverage of this story is just ridiculous. SMH.

4. Henry: “I was so crazy about her that I wrote her name in my hands with a knife.”

Tom: SMDH.

5. Mary: “I don’t understand why he is trying on me? I already told him I have a boyfriend. SMDH.”

Rose: “He is not a bad guy…we can talk to him.”

6. Linda: “I so much hate that guy. He bullied me in public when I was new in school.”

John: “Really. SMDH.”

Similar Acronyms

  • SMGDH: Shaking my God damn head
  • SMHID: Shaking my head in despair
  • SMDH: Shaking my damn head
  • SMHL: Shaking my head laughing
  • SMFH: Shaking my f***ing head
  • SMMFH: Shaking my motherf***ing head

Other Meanings

There are other meanings of this term, not very common.

  • Smash my head
  • Scratching my head
  • So much hate
  • So madly hated
  • So many haters
  • Somehow
  • Sup my homies
  • So my homies
  • Stole my heart
  • Sydney Morning Herald (Mame of a newspaper in New South Wales – Australia)
  • So much hype
  • Signal message handling
  • Steal my hourglass
  • Show me hope
  • Send me hugs
  • Smiling mad hard
  • Slap my head
  • So much hell
  • So much homo
  • Suck me hard
  • Suck my hole
  • Suck my hand
  • Suck my hair
  • Suck my hamster
  • Suck my hobo
  • Suck my helmet
  • Stupid mad hoe
  • Smash my head
  • Super mega hoe
  • So much horseshit (Bullshit)
  • Smack my hoe
  • Smacking my ho
  • Smack my horse

Slang Words Related to Head

  • ALPHA: Head person of a group
  • CIMH: Chuckle in my head
  • CLUBHEAD: Person who goes to clubs a lot
  • H2T: Head to toe
  • HEADS: People
  • HEADS UP: Advance notice
  • HHIS: Hanging head in shame
  • HOH: Head over heels
  • HS: Headshot
  • HUD: Heads-up display
  • IMH: In my head
  • LIH: Laugh in head
  • LIMH: Laughing in my head
  • LMHO: Laughing my head off
  • LOAF: Head
  • MEATHEAD: Muscular, but thick, person
  • MOP: Hair on head
  • MUGSHOT: Head and shoulders picture
  • NMH: Nodding my head

What does SMH Mean? | Infographic

SMH Meaning

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