Shopping Vocabulary: 26 Useful Shopping Vocabulary in English

Learning shopping vocabulary in English with meaning and infographic. Here is a list of English words and phrases we use when we go shopping.

Shopping Vocabulary

List of Shopping Vocabulary

  • Window shopping
  • On sale
  • In cash/ by card
  • Outlet mall
  • Spend money on something
  • Take something back
  • A receipt
  • A wallet
  • Grocery shopping
  • Get a refund
  • Price tag
  • Shop around
  • Try something on
  • A fitting room
  • A bargain
  • What a bargain?
  • A good deal
  • For sale
  • Shop online
  • Go shopping
  • Do shopping
  • Bargain hunting
  • A shopaholic
  • Retail therapy
  • Waste money on something
  • Splash out on something

Shopping Vocabulary Examples

Window shopping -> Looking at items on sale, not buying

There’re only the minutes left; don’t dawdle over your window shopping.

On sale -> For sale at a reduced price

There are some nice apples on sale in that shop.

In cash/ by card -> Use cash or credit card to purchase something

I would appreciate it if you paid in cash.

Outlet mall -> Both have many stores in one location.

The outlet mall is a lot cheaper than stores downtown.

Spend money on something -> Use the money to buy something or pay something

He is a tightwad because he doesn’t like to spend money on anything.

Take something back -> Return an unwanted item to a shop

I, in my turn, became embarrassed and huffy and told her to take the money back.

A receipt -> Paper proof of a purchase

Can I have a receipt, please?

A wallet -> A Money/ cardholder

The lady put her wallet in her purse.

Grocery shopping -> Shopping for food items

We need to go grocery shopping – do you have the checkbook?

Get a refund -> Get money back after returning an item

Is it too small? Take it back and get a refund.

Price tag -> A label showing the price of an article

The price tag on the 34-room white Regency mansion is £17.5 million.

Shop around -> Compare prices in different shops before buying

You should shop around a bit before making a decision.

Try something on -> Try clothes in a shop before buying them

Try on clothing and shoes to make sure they fit.

A fitting room -> A place in the shop where people try on clothes

You can try on the dress in the fitting room.

A bargain -> Excellent value for an item or purchase

The car was a bargain at that price.

What a bargain? -> Buy something for much less than normal

A good deal -> If something is a good deal, paid a low price

It cost a good deal, I can tell you.

For sale -> Available to buy

Excuse me, are these for sale?

Shop online -> Shop on the Internet

Go shopping -> Go to shops to buy things

I couldn’t go shopping yesterday so I’ll have to go today.

Do shopping -> Weekly/ monthly shopping

Bargain hunting -> Searching for bargains

We went bargain hunting at the antique market.

A shopaholic -> Someone who loves shopping

She’s really a shopaholic.

Retail therapy -> The act of shopping in order to feel better

I was ready for a little retail therapy.

Waste money on something -> Unnecessarily spend money on something

Why waste money on clothes you don’t need?

Splash out on something -> Spend a lot of money on something

If he wanted to splash out on a new car it would take him a couple of days to get his hands on the cash.

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Shopping Vocabulary | Infographic

Shopping Vocabulary in English

Shopping Vocabulary

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