Shopping Vocabulary

Shopping Vocabulary: 26 Useful Shopping Vocabulary in English

Learning Shopping Vocabulary in English with Meaning and Infographic. Here is a list of English words and phrases we use when we go shopping.

Useful English Shopping Vocabulary

1. Window shopping -> Looking at items on sale, not buying

2. On sale -> For sale at a reduced price

3. In cash/ by card -> Use cash or credit card to purchase something

4. Outlet mall -> Both have many stores in one location.

5. Spend money on something -> Use the money to buy something or pay something

6. Take something back -> Return an unwanted item to a shop

7. A receipt -> Paper proof of a purchase

8. A wallet -> A Money/ card holder

9. Grocery shopping -> Shopping for food items

10. Get a refund -> Get money back after returning an item

11. Price tag -> A label showing the price of an article

12. Shop around -> Compare prices in different shops before buying

13. Try something on -> Try clothes in a shop before buying them

14. A fitting room -> A place in the shop where people try on clothes

15. A bargain -> Excellent value for an item or purchase

16. What a bargain? -> Buy something for much less than normal

17. A good deal -> If something is a good deal, paid a low price

18. For sale -> Available to buy

19. Shop online -> Shop on the Internet

20. Go shopping -> Go to shops to buy things

21. Do the shopping -> Weekly/ monthly shopping

22. Bargain hunting -> Searching for bargains

23. A shopaholic -> Someone who loves shopping

24. Retail therapy -> The act of shopping in order to feel better

25. Waste money on something -> Unnecessarily spend money on something

26. Splash out on something -> Spend a lot of money on something

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Shopping Vocabulary in English | Infographic

Shopping Vocabulary in English

Shopping Vocabulary

Shopping Vocabulary: 26 Useful Shopping Vocabulary in English 1

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