School Idioms: 15 Popular School Idioms in English

School Idioms!!! In this lesson, we will study some School Idioms with meaning and examples. Below are some of the most commonly used English idioms relating to the school.

School Idioms List

Here is a list of 15 popular School Idioms in English and their meaning.

  • Bookworm

Someone who reads a lot

  • Brainstorm something

To think of new ideas

  • Skip class

To not go to school when you should

  • Teacher’s pet

The teacher’s favorite student

  • As easy as ABC

Very easy

  • Cover a lot of ground

Complete a lot of material in a class

Someone who works hard and is very enthusiastic

  • Copycat

Someone who copies the work of another person

  • Dropout

To stop attending school

  • Pass with flying colors

To experience particular trouble or difficulty

  • A for effort!

Recognizing that someone tried hard to accomplish something although they might not have been successful

  • Learn by heart

To memorize something completely

  • Play hooky

To skip school

  • Put your thinking cap on

Think in a serious manner

  • Show of hands

Raising hands to vote about something

School Idiom Examples

Some Idiom Examples will help you understand the meaning of those school idioms.

  • I was a real bookworm when I was a child.
  • The team got together to brainstorm.
  • Let’s skip class and go to the beach.
  • I think he is a teacher’s pet.
  • He managed to cover a lot of ground in a short talk.
  • You’re just a copycat!
  • He was a loner and a dropout.
  • I knew you’ll pass with flying colors.
  • We need to learn by heart more words.
  • I would play hooky every day if I could.
  • They chose their monitor by a show of hands.
  • Calm down! You’re such an eager beaver!

School Idioms in English | Infographic

School Idioms with their Meanings

School Idioms

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