Prepositional Phrases with OUT: A Short List of 26 Popular Prepositional Phrases – Out

Prepositional phrases with Out!!! Here is a list of some common prepositional phrases with “out” in English.

Prepositional Phrases with Out

List of Prepositional Phrases with Out

Prepositional phrases are set phrases or groups of words introduced by a preposition. The following phrases are the most commonly used prepositional phrases – Out in the English language.

  • Out of fashion
  • Out of print
  • Out of step
  • Out of breath
  • Out of context
  • Out of control
  • Out of curiosity
  • Out of jealousy
  • Out of date
  • Out of doors
  • Out of duty
  • Out of hand
  • Out of ideas
  • Out of one’s mind
  • Out of order
  • Out of pity
  • Out of place
  • Out of practice
  • Out of reach
  • Out of respect for
  • Out of sight
  • Out of spite
  • Out of stock
  • Out of the ordinary
  • Out of the question
  • Out of work

Prepositional Phrases with Out Examples

  • Their music will never go out of fashion.
  • Her first novel is now out of print.
  • I always was out of step with my generation.
  • I got out of breath running up the hill from the station.
  • The papers took my remarks completely out of context.
  • A lorry ran down the hill out of control.
  • She decided to call her ex-boyfriend out of curiosity.
  • She broke them up out of jealousy.
  • My passport is out of date.
  • The kids spent all their time out of doors.
  • It’s an idea that shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand.
  • We’re starting to run out of ideas.

Popular Prepositional Phrases – Out | Infographic

Useful Prepositional Phrases – Out

Prepositional Phrases with Out

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