Talking on the Phone: 35+ Useful Expressions for Speaking on the Phone

Talking on the phone is especially important. In this English lesson, we focus on commonly used expressions for talking on the phone.

Useful Phrases for Talking on the Phone

Here are some of the common phrases used when telephoning in English including answering, transferring calls, and taking a message.


Common Expressions for Speaking Polite on the Telephone:

  • Good morning.
  • Could you hold on a moment, please?
  • I’m sorry, she is out of the Office today.
  • Thank you for calling.
  • May I ask who is calling, please?
  • I’m trying to contact, please wait…
  • I’m afraid my English not good, please…
  • I’m afraid he’s in a meeting.
  • He’s free in the afternoon after about two.
  • I would like to make a reservation, please.
  • Excuse me, who is this?
  • May I speak to…?
  • I’m afraid she is not available at the moment.
  • May I take a message?
  • Would you like to leave a message?
  • I’d like to talk to…
  • Can I put you on hold for a moment, please?
  • Would you mind holding for just a moment?
  • Would you like me to connect you to his voicemail?


  • Is … there?
  • This is Harry
  • Hello, Ken speaking
  • Hello, George’s phone
  • Who is it?
  • I’II ask her to ring you when she gets back.
  • Hang on a second.
  • I can’t hear you very well.
  • Who’s calling, please?
  • I’II let him/ her know that you rang.
  • Just a minute!
  • Okay, wait a moment, please.
  • Speak to you again soon.
  • I’ll put you through.
  • Is … free?
  • Is …available?
  • Can I talk to …?
  • Hold on a sec.
  • Just a moment.

English Expressions for Talking on the Phone | Infographic

Expressions for Talking on the Phone

Talking on the Phone

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