Commonly Confused Words: 20+ Pairs of English Words We Often Confuse

Commonly Confused Words

Commonly confused words in English!!! Here is a collection of some of the commonly confused words that you often encounter. Commonly Confused Words Here are the most commonly confused words: 1. Allowed vs Aloud Mutual funds have allowed people to become longer-term investors. Joanne, would you read the poem aloud? 2. Who vs Whom Who are you? Whom did … Read more

Prepositional Phrase: A Big List of 160+ Prepositional Phrases

Prepositional Phrases

Prepositional phrases in English!!! In this lesson, we will learn what is a prepositional phrase, a prepositional phrase list, and prepositional phrase examples in English. What is a Prepositional Phrase? What is a Prepositional Phrase? A prepositional phrase is a group of words consisting of a preposition, its object, and any words that modify the … Read more

School Idioms: 15 Popular School Idioms in English

School Idioms

School Idioms!!! In this lesson, we will study some School Idioms with meaning and examples. Below are some of the most commonly used English idioms relating to the school. School Idioms List Here is a list of 15 popular School Idioms in English and their meaning. Bookworm Someone who reads a lot Brainstorm something To think … Read more

110 Useful English Vocabulary for Restaurants | Restaurant Vocabulary

Vocabulary for Restaurants

Learn Restaurants Vocabulary with the Infographic. In this English lesson, you will learn about restaurants vocabulary. English Vocabulary for Restaurants List of Restaurants Vocabulary The words below are some of the most commonly used when talking about restaurant. Chicken Coffee Drinks menu Cola Cold Wine Condiments Drink Cook (Cooking Terms) Spill Spoon Vegan option Starters Diner … Read more

Another Word for SCARED: 50+ Words to Describe You Are Scared

Scared Synonyms

What is another word for “scared”? Expand your English vocabulary and help you speak like a native by using common scared synonyms. Below are some useful synonyms words for “scared” in English. Scared Synonyms List of Other Words for Scared List of common synonyms for the word “scared” in English Tense Terrified Terror-haunted Terror-stricken Terror-struck … Read more

Strong Adjectives: List of 150+ Strong Adjectives in English

Strong Adjectives

Strong Adjectives!!! Learn a useful list of strong Adjectives in English with examples. This list of the most interesting adjectives will help you improve your language level. English Strong Adjectives List List of Strong Adjectives Here is a Strong Adjectives list in English Teeny Tiny Alive Annoying Better Freezing Brainy Breakable Busy Careful Clever Crazy … Read more