Conjunction Words: How to Use Both and – Either or – Neither nor in Sentences

Conjunction Words

Learn Conjunction Words in English Grammar. In this article, we learn how to use Correlative conjunctions Both and, Either or and Neither nor in a sentence. Conjunction Words Learn how to use Conjunction words with examples. Both and Both and refers to two things or people together. It is always considered plural in a sentence. Examples: … Read more

Chat Acronyms: The Small List of 100 Popular Internet Acronyms

Chat Acronyms and Text Shorthand

Chat Acronyms!!! Learn List of Chat Acronyms in English with Meaning and Infographic. Below are commonly used chat acronyms you can use to chat with your friends. Chat Acronyms in English Here is a list of common abbreviations and Internet acronyms in English. AFAIK: As far as I know (Texting Abbreviations) AFK: Away from the … Read more

Prepositions List: Learn Useful List of 45+ English Prepositions with Examples

Prepositions List

Prepositions list!!! Learn the list of prepositions in English. Below is a huge English prepositions list. This prepositions list will help you understand what a preposition is and show you some useful preposition examples. Prepositions List Among the 9 parts of speech, the preposition is one of the most important parts of a sentence. A … Read more

Basketball Terms: 60+ Interesting Basketball Vocabulary You Should Know

Basketball Terms

Basketball Terms!!! Do you know the common Basketball Terms in the English Language? This lesson shows you some basketball vocabulary to help you expand your English vocabulary. Basketball Terms in English Basketball Terms List Here is a list of Sports Vocabulary for Basketball You Should Know… Assist Backboard Basket Block Bounce Bounce pass Chest pass … Read more

Rainy Weather: Useful Words and Phrases to Describe Rainy Weather

Rainy Weather

Learn Rainy Weather Vocabulary in English with the Infographic. This lesson shows many words and phrases that we use when talking about rainy weather vocabulary. Rainy Weather Phrases and Words Phrases to Describe Rainy Weather It’s raining. It’s spitting. It’s drizzling. It’s been raining on and off all day. It’s pouring. It’s really coming down … Read more

Mistakes with Adverbs: Common Grammar Mistakes in English

Common Mistakes with Adverbs

Learn common mistakes with adverbs!!! In this lesson, we will learn about some common mistakes with adverbs and how to avoid them.  Common Mistakes with Adverbs Learn common grammatical errors in the use of adverbs in English. Below are some common grammar mistakes in the use of adverbs in English. Incorrect: I am much happy to see you. Correct: I am very happy … Read more