Preposition: What Is a Preposition? Types and Rules of Prepositions


A preposition is an integral component of the English language that establishes the link between a noun or pronoun in a sentence and the rest of the sentence. A preposition precedes a noun or pronoun in a sentence. In no circumstances should a verb follow a preposition? Preposition What Is a Preposition? A preposition is … Read more

Adverb | What Is an Adverb? | 5 Different Types of Adverbs


Adverbs are a fundamental part of the English language that makes writing pretty interesting. This set of words helps the author convey their ideas to their audience more precisely and detailedly. In addition, adverbs immensely improve your vocabulary while letting you recount what is transpiring around you. Although there is a similarity between adjectives and … Read more

Positive Words that Start with C | 440 Positive Words Starting with “C”

Positive Words that Start with C

Positive words that start with C – There are many positive words that begin with the letter “C” in English. To help you enhance your vocabulary and learn some new words, we’ve provided you with a list of positive words starting with C. Let’s get started! Positive Words that Start with C Positive Words that … Read more

Weird Animals: Top 50 Weirdest Animals You’ve Probably Never Heard of

Weird Animals

Weird animals!!! We’ve collated a fascinating selection of 50 unique animals you probably haven’t seen. Check out our list to discover these animals! Weird Animals Common Names of Weird Animals Here is the list of weird animals you probably don’t know existed. Alligator Gar Ankole Watusi Axolotl Aye-aye Babirusa Bilby Capybara Coatimundi Dugong Echidna Fainting … Read more