No Sooner Than: When to Use No Sooner … Than with Useful Examples

No sooner than!!! In this article, we will learn how to use no sooner … than in English and show some useful examples with ESL infographic.

No Sooner Than

  • No sooner than is correlative conjunction.
  • The structure no sooner … than is used to talk about something that happens immediately after something else.
  • No sooner is only used with the past perfect in the sentence that starts with no sooner and the past simple in the next sentence.

NOTE: When we begin a sentence with a negative word, we put the auxiliary verb before the subject.

No Sooner … Than Examples:

  • No sooner had he arrived in Rome than he was kidnapped.
  • No sooner had I sat down than there was a loud knock on the door.
  • No sooner had I started mowing the lawn than it started raining.
  • No sooner had I heard the knock than I opened the door.
  • No sooner had he gone than one of the cameramen approached.
  • No sooner had the debate begun than people began to leave the hall.
  • No sooner had we been installed than we were served the obligatory heavy meal.
  • No sooner had she read the letter than she started crying.
  • No sooner had I closed my eyes than I fell asleep.
  • Alas, no sooner had he started than he realized it was no longer what he wanted.

When to Use No Sooner Than | Infographic

Correlative Conjunctions: When to Use No Sooner … Than

No Sooner Than

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