Neither Nor: How to Use Neither Nor Correctly?

Neither nor!!! In this lesson, we will learn how to use neither … nor in English and show some example sentences.

Neither Nor

  • Neither is used as a conjunction. Neither nor is correlative conjunction.
  • This structure, neither … nor, is used to connect the same kind of word or phrase in the sentence.
  • Neither nor makes a negative statement about two people or things.

For example:

  • He has neither talent nor the desire to learn.
  • Neither he nor his friends came back.
  • The weather is mild today, it is neither hot nor cold.
  • Neither pen nor pencil can express.
  • We can neither change nor improve it.
  • She seemed neither surprised nor worried.
  • Hilary was neither shocked nor surprised by the news.
  • She had neither the time nor the inclination to help them.
  • Some beggars are neither poverty-stricken nor homeless.
  • There was neither food nor drink.
  • Neither you nor I can be held responsible.
  • neither know nor care what’s happened to him.
  • Their house is neither big nor small.
  • Neither Anna nor I am interested in high finance.
  • He likes his tea neither too hot nor too cold.
  • The hotel is neither spacious nor comfortable.
  • I can give you neither an opinion nor any advice.
  • The equipment is neither accurate nor safe.

How to Use Neither Nor | Infographic


Last Updated on August 3, 2023

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