Months of the Year: 12 Months of the Year in English

Months of the Year!!! A month is a unit of time related to the motion of the Moon. A year is divided into 12 months in the Gregorian calendar. In this lesson, you can see 12 months of the year with their abbreviations and example sentences.

Months of the Year

The months of the year begin with CAPITAL letters.

12 Months of the Year

  • January: Jan.
  • February: Feb.
  • March: Mar.
  • April: Apr.
  • May: May
  • June: Jun.
  • July: Jul.
  • August: Aug.
  • September: Sep.
  • October: Oct.
  • November: Nov.
  • December: Dec.

All months have 30 or 31 days, except for February which has 28 days (29 in a leap year). Leap year occurs every 4 years.

Example Sentences

  • This coupon is valid until 31 January.
  • He joined the Army in February 1943.
  • He made an official visit to Tokyo in March.
  • The council tax replaces the poll tax next April.
  • My mother’s birthday is in May. I sent her a card with birthday wishes.
  • They attempted to finish the task before June.
  • We’re going to Japan at the beginning of July.
  • The project is in its final stages and should be completed by August.
  • The brochure will be ready for publication in September.
  • The students return in October for the start of the new academic year.
  • There will be no performance on November 6.
  • The whole system will be fully operational by December 1995.
  • He will be inaugurated as president in January.
  • The new rule comes into operation on February 1.
  • They reached Paris by plane on March 8.
  • We have received your letter dated April 14, 1998.
  • Further discussion on the proposal will be deferred until May.
  • She was co-opted on to the committee last June.
  • The two banks will consolidate in July next year.
  • Diplomatic relations were frozen until August this year.
  • The last tram ran through Glasgow in September 1962.
  • You’re going to be busy in October.
  • He arrived in London in November 1939.
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Months of the Year | Infographic

12 Months of the Year

Months of the Year

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