Living the Dream: Meaning & Examples of the Idiom “Living the Dream”

What does “living the dream” Mean? Learn the meaning, example sentences, and synonyms of the term “living the dream” with ESL infographic.

Living the Dream

Meaning of “Living the Dream”

“Living the dream” is an idiomatic expression meaning an extremely ideal life, especially in relation to one’s career.

It refers to the modern take on the old expression “American dream” (which used to be supposedly what every American family was striving to achieve).

That exact expression is a take on the earlier, simpler version of the owned house, 2 kids, 2 cars thing.

For example:

  • The only job I could get with my bachelor’s degree was some mind-numbing data entry work. I’m really living the dream these days.
  • I always wanted to be a famous singer, and now I’m living the dream.

Living the Dream Synonyms

  • Charmed life
  • Good life
  • Great life
  • Perfect life
  • Wonderful life
  • Fairy-tale

Useful Idioms About Dream

A dream come true

  • It means the realization of something that a person has long dreamed of.

Work like a dream

  • The work being done is much better than it should be. The realization of something better than imagined. Even the realization of things that he could not even imagine. The dream work goes perfectly.

To be in a dream world

  • Live in a fool’s paradise, live in cloud-cuckoo-land.

In your dreams

  • It is synonymous with ‘dream on’.

A pipe dream

  • Vain hope, false hope. Inaccessible dream or expectation.
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Dream ticket

  • The ‘dream ticket’ used in the United States is a phrase that is used for a pair of candidates who are well matched and will receive a lot of support.

Beyond one’s wildest dreams

  • It means that we have more of what we dream. What we have is actually too valuable to come to our minds. It’s something we can’t imagine.

Dream on

  • It is impossible for some established dreams to come true. In such cases, we do irony by saying you would wait more.

The sky is the limit

  • This statement tells us that we have no limits. The dreams we have are unlimited. We can dream of anything we can think of.

Daydream about someone or something

  • Dream, think about someone or something while awake.

Broken dreams

  • We often dream. But some of these dreams come true and others do not. Our unfulfilled dreams cause us to break. We call it broken dreams.

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What Does “Living the Dream” Mean?

Living the Dream

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