Idioms About NATURE: 10 Interesting Nature Idioms in English

Idioms about Nature!!! Learn interesting Nature idioms with examples and infographic. Here is a list of Interesting Idioms about Nature in English with some nature idioms examples.

Common Idioms about Nature

There are many English idioms based on Nature. Here are 10 Nature Idioms with their meanings.

1. A shrinking violet

Meaning:  A shy person

2. On cloud nine

Meaning: Very happy

3. Cuts no ice

Meaning: Doesn’t have any effect or influence

4. Calm before the storm

Meaning: Unusual or false quiet period before a period of upheaval

5. Stealing my thunder

Meaning: Making people pay attention to you

6. In the air

Meaning: Happening or about to happen

7. Many moons ago

Meaning: A very long time ago

8. A ray of sunshine

Meaning: Something that brings happiness to someone

9. Once in a blue moon (Learn more about Color Idioms)

Meaning: Very rarely

10. Out of the woods

Meaning: Out of danger

Nature Idioms Examples

Below are some nature idioms examples.

  • She was quite a shrinking violet until she left home and went to university.
  • He was on cloud nine after winning the competition.
  • That sort of romantic attitude cuts no ice with money-men.
  • Charity should have recognized it as the calm before the storm, but she didn’t.
  • It all happened many moons ago.
  • Her visit brought a ray of sunshine into the old man’s life.
  • We go out to eat once in a blue moon.
  • The nation’s economy is not out of the woods yet.

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Interesting Idioms About Nature

Idioms About Nature

Idioms About Nature in English

Nature Idioms

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