ICYMI Meaning: Internet Slang Terms You Should Know

ICYMI Meaning!!! ICYMI is an acronym, abbreviation or slang on the internet and in real life, though, like many abbreviations and some slang terms, it’s typed more often than it’s spoken. And, what does it mean and stand for?

ICYMI Meaning

What does ICYMI Mean?

ICYMI stands for “In Case You Missed It”. It is can be called an acronym, abbreviation or a slang word.

ICYMI = In Case You Missed It

This chat acronym is generally used one someone is referring to something that the other person may have missed. It is also used in advertising as a reminder for consumers. Usually, this abbreviation is written in lower case.

It is used often on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, YouTube, and Vine, on websites, and many different message boards or forums, and in texting or messaging chat apps like SnapChat.


  • ICYMI, the new album of Charlie Puth is amazing. You should definitely listen to the lead track.
  • ICYMI, here’s the New York Times article about bodybuilding turtles.
  • I didn’t want to spoil end on the movie for you ICYMI.


1. Mike: ICYMI your mid-term exams are starting from tomorrow, don’t be late okay.
Emily: Thanks for reminding me.

2. Alex: ICYMI annual function is starting from 12 ‘O’ and you have to be there for photography.
Susan: Yeah I remember.

Common Internet Acronyms

  • GJ: Good job
  • GL: Good luck
  • gr8: Great
  • TBH: To be honest
  • PC: Personel computer
  • pls: Please
  • POS: Parent over shoulder
  • TFW: That feel when
  • Txt: Text
  • BRB: Be right back
  • GTG: Got to go
  • GMV: Got my vote
  • HTH: Hope this helps
  • POV: Point of view
  • SMH: Shaking my head
  • RT: Real-time
  • BTW: By the way
  • CTN: Can’t talk now
  • CYE: Check your email
  • TTYS: Talk to you soon
  • HMU: Hit me up
  • SFW: Safe work work
  • dI: Download
  • ETA: Estimated time of arrival
  • FWIW: For what it’s worth
  • FYI: For your information
  • GG: Good game
  • B4N: Bye for now
  • BCNU: Be seeing you
  • BFF: Best friends forever
  • AFAIK: As far as I know
  • IMHO: In my humble opinion
  • IRL: In real life
  • ISO: In search of
  • J/K: Just Kidding
  • L8R: Later
  • LOL: Laugh out loud
  • OMG: Oh my God
  • ILY: I love you
  • LMAO: Laughing my ass off
  • TTYN: Talk to you never
  • FBO: Facebook official
  • IIRC: If I recall correctly
  • TY: Thank you
  • w/e: Whatever
  • W8: Wait
  • XOXO: Hugs and kisses

ICYMI Definition | Infographic

What does ICYMI Stand for?

ICYMI Meaning

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