Home Is Where the Heart Is: Do You Know the Meaning of this Idiom?

Home is where the heart is!!! What does it mean?

Home Is Where the Heart Is

Meaning of Home Is Where the Heart Is

You use this phrase to say if you are with the person or at the place you love most, it becomes your true home.

No one knows for sure the origin of the proverb; however, it’s been attributed to the first-century Roman author, naturalist, and philosopher Pliny the Elder (one Gaius Plinius Secundus).

  • Don’t worry about where you’re going to live next year. Home is where the heart is.
  • No matter where I go, it’s always so lovely to come back here. Home is where the heart is after all. 
  • Home is certainly where the heart is they all agreed as the family sat down together for Christmas dinner.
  • Josephine decided to travel to Chicago with her boyfriend. After all, home is where the heart is.

Common Expressions with “Home”

There’s no place like home

  • Home is the most satisfying place to be

Home sweet home

  • One has returned to the comfort of home after an extended absence

Keep the home fires burning

  • To maintain a household in good order while one is away

You can’t go home again

  • Once one leaves home, one is changed and conditions will not be the same
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Take home

  • To retain a concept, idea, or thought conveyed at a conference or an educational event

Leave home

  • To set out to live apart from one’s parents

Home truth

  • An unpleasant fact difficult to acknowledge or admit

Close to home

  • Deeply affecting one’s feelings

Bring home the bacon

  • To earn a wage, or be successful

Bring home

  • To make clearly appreciated or understood

A woman’s place is in the home

  • A largely outdated notion that a woman’s activities should be limited to child-rearing and housekeeping

Come home to roost

  • To return to cause trouble, in an analogy to chickens returning to their coop at the end of the day

Home away from home

  • A place one is visiting that is as comfortable and welcoming as one’s own home


  • Simple, as in something typical of traditional rural life

Home in on

  • Literally or figuratively aim toward

Common Expressions with “Home”

Common Expressions with Home

Useful Phrases with “Heart”

Young at heart

  • Feeling and behaving younger

After one’s own heart

  • Exactly as one likes

Take something to heart

  • To be upset by something

At heart

  • Basically

Set one’s heart on something

  • To want something

Break somebody’s heart

  • To make somebody feel sad

In one’s heart

  • In one’s conscience

By heart

  • From memory

In good heart

  • In good condition

Do one’s heart good

  • To feel encouraged, happy

One’s heart sinks

  • One feels disappointed

Eat one’s heart out

  • To tolerate one’s feelings in silence

A heart of stone

  • An unfeeling nature

From the bottom of one’s heart

  • Sincerely

A heart of gold

  • A kind nature

Have one’s heart in one’s boots

  • To be very gloomy and depressed
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Heart and soul

  • Enthusiastically

Have one’s heart in one’s mouth

  • To be very frightened

One’s heart’s content

  • As much as one likes

Have one’s heart in the right place

  • To have true feelings

Useful Phrases with “Heart”

Phrases with Heart

Home Is Where the Heart Is Infographic

Home Is Where the Heart Is

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