Hard Synonyms

HARD SYNONYM: List of 50 Synonyms for Hard with Examples

Hard Synonyms!!! Are you looking for synonyms for Hard? This page provides a useful list of Hard synonyms in English. You’ll also find example sentences to help show context for each word.

Hard Synonyms

List of Synonyms for Hard

These synonyms words for the word “Hard” will further help you improve your English vocabulary, especially at advanced levels.

  1. Daunting
  2. Oppressive
  3. Recondite
  4. Tough
  5. Complicated
  6. Elusive
  7. Complex
  8. Insoluble
  9. Strict
  10. Frustrating
  11. Herculean
  12. Challenging
  13. Demanding
  14. Stressful
  15. Inhuman
  16. Overwhelming
  17. Exhausting
  18. Serious
  19. Intricate
  20. Difficult
  21. Rigid
  22. Severe
  23. Abstruse
  24. Ticklish
  25. Brutal
  26. Tricky
  27. Hairy
  28. Burdensome
  29. Tight
  30. Rigorous
  31. Stubborn
  32. Punishing
  33. Cruel
  34. Harsh
  35. Opaque
  36. Spiny
  37. Onerous
  38. Murderous
  39. Laborious
  40. Formidable
  41. Convoluted
  42. Augean
  43. Bruising
  44. Intimidating
  45. Knotty
  46. Merciless
  47. Painful
  48. Rugged
  49. Effortful
  50. Backbreaking

Examples of Hard Synonyms

  • They were faced with the daunting task of restoring the house.
  • The silence between them started to grow oppressive.
  • We had to work from material that was both complex and recondite.
  • We’ll have to make some tough decisions – there are no easy options.
  • The form was terribly complicated and I had a lot of trouble with it.
  • In London, late-night taxis are elusive and far from cheap.
  • Don’t keep on at him about his handwriting or he’ll get a complex.
  • The government is faced with an apparently insoluble problem.
  • My parents were very strict with me when I was young.
  • This is an immensely frustrating experience for the student.
  • The area will face a herculean task if it is to find a new occupier for that factory.
  • Teaching young children is a challenging and rewarding job.
  • He found he could no longer cope with his demanding job.
  • It’s a very stressful situation for everyone concerned.
  • She found the city quite overwhelming when she first arrived.
  • It was an exhausting schedule she had set herself.
  • This is a serious dispute and could lead to armed conflict.
  • The farmers use an intricate system of drainage canals.
  • He interpreted a difficult passage in a book.
  • The curriculum was too narrow and too¬†rigid.
  • My uncle became severe when I was late.
  • Einstein’s theory of relativity is very abstruse.
  • It was becoming a ticklish situation.
  • She showed great tact in dealing with a tricky situation.
  • The new regulations will be burdensome for small businesses.
  • The government is keeping tight control on immigration.
  • Our teacher is so rigorous that he seldom lets up on us.
  • He was too stubborn to admit that he was wrong.
  • His punishing work schedule had made him resort to drugs.
  • I despise anyone who is cruel to animals.
  • Many misfortunes came on us during that harsh winter.
  • I felt his report was deliberately opaque.
  • This is the most onerous task I have ever undertaken.

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Hard Synonyms

Hard Synonyms: List of Hard Synonyms in English

HARD SYNONYM: List of 50 Synonyms for Hard with Examples 1

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