Hand in Hand: What Is the Meaning of the Idiom “Hand in Hand”?

Hand in hand!!! Do you know the meaning of this idiomatic expression?

Hand in Hand

Meaning of “Hand in Hand”

Hand in hand has two possible meanings. It is sometimes used to describe people who are holding hands, for example:

  • Couples walked hand in hand along the front.
  • They walked through the park hand in hand.

It is also used to describe two people or things that are closely connected or related:

  • Poverty and poor health often go hand in hand.
  • Wealth and power go hand in hand in most societies.

Hand in Hand Synonyms

  • Side by side
  • Together
  • Closely
  • In partnership
  • Pair
  • Couple
  • In close association
  • Closely related
  • In a close relationship
  • Mutually
  • Jointly

Expressions with “Hand”

On the one hand … on the other hand

  • It is used to compare two aspects of a situation

Get out of hand

  • To get out of control

Tip your hand

  • To reveal a secret, especially about your own plans or opinions

Experience something first-hand

  • To experience something yourself

Take matters into their own hands

  • To take action on a problem yourself because other people have failed to do so

Change hands

  • For an object to be passed or sold from one owner to another

Have a hand in

  • To have a role in

Have (got) your hands full

  • To be completely busy or occupied with something

In good hands

  • In the care of somebody good or knowledgeable
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Try your hand at

  • Try doing something for the first time

Second hand

  • Something you know from another person or source, not directly

At hand

  • Available (used for objects, not people)

A hand-me-down

  • A piece of clothing that belonged to an older brother/sister and is passed to a younger brother/sister

Give a hand / Lend a hand

  • To help somebody with something – especially something that requires physical effort

Hands down

  • Obviously, unquestionably, without a doubt

Wash your hands of

  • To stop being responsible for or involved in something

Know like the back of your hand

  • To know a place very well

Hands are tied

  • Not have the ability to help or take action

By hand

  • By a person, not a machine

Upper hand

  • To have control of a situation

In safe hands

  • To be looked after by a reliable person

Show of hands

  • To vote by raising a hand

Heavy hand

Hands tied

  • To be prevented from taking action

Common Expressions with “Hand”

Expressions with "Hand"

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Hand in Hand

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