FOOD Idioms: 25 Common Idioms with Food in English (with Examples)

Food Idioms!!! Idioms are one of the key things that make English a tricky language to learn. Here’s a list of the most interesting idioms with food and what they mean.

Food Idioms

Idioms with Food List

1. Butter someone up
Be extra nice to someone

2. Cheesy

3. Cool as a cucumber
Very relaxed

4. Cream of the crop
The best

5. (Don’t) cry over spilled milk
Get upset over something that has happened and cannot be changed

6. Souped-up
Made more powerful or stylish

7. Sell like hot cakes
Bought by many people

8. Take something with a pinch of salt
Don’t consider something 100% accurate

9. Use your noodle
Use your brain

10. Big cheese
Very important person (VIP)

11. Smart cookie
A very intelligent person

12. Egg someone on
Urge someone to do something

13. A hard nut to crack
Difficult to understand, often a person

14. Apple of one’s eye
A person that is adored by someone

15. Hot potato
Controversial or difficult subject

16. Bad egg
A person who is often in trouble

17. Bring home the bacon
Earn the income

18. Carrot top
A person with red or orange hair

19. Full of beans
Have a lot of (silly) energy

20. Bread and butter
Necessities, the main thing

21. Have bigger fish to fry
Have more important things to do

22. A piece of cake (Funny Idioms)
Something very easy to do

23. Gravy train
Extremely good pay for minimal work

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24. Bun in the oven
Be pregnant

25. Go bananas
Become crazy

Food Idioms Examples

  • Stop trying to butter me up!
  • She gave a cheesy grin to the cameras.
  • I was furious, but Mike was as cool as a cucumber.
  • The students at this college are the cream of the crop.
  • You have lost the game but don’t cry over spilled milk.
  • The company spends billions on souped-up broadband services.
  • I’m sure this book will sell like hotcakes.
  • I know they say I am a celebrity, but I take it all with a pinch of salt.
  • Use your noodle to figure out the math problem.
  • One of the big cheeses from NASA gave a speech.
  • Monroe herself, of course, was a smart cookie, but she knew enough to play dumb.
  • The third question in the examination is a hard nut to crack.
  • You are the apple of my eye.
  • The issue has become a political hot potato.
  • He a bad egg. I don’t trust him.
  • Someone has brought home the bacon the family.
  • Another way to grow a carrot top is in a hanging basket.
  • Jem was full of beans after a long sleep.
  • Painting is his bread and butter.
  • The exam was a piece of cake.
  • If I had a million dollars, I could ride the gravy train.

Food Idioms with Meanings | Infographic

Food Idioms

Common Food Idioms in English

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