24 English Expressions to Express Anger Effectively

Learn How to Express Anger in English. In this lesson, you can find some expressions that can help you express anger.

How to Express Anger

It feels really bad when you cannot express your feelings in the right way. Here are some English phrases to help you express your anger.

1. I don’t believe it!

2. What a pain!

3. Is it possible?

4. I could really do without it.

5. It really gets on my nerves.

6. I have had it up to here with…

7. I’m sick and tired of…

8. I’m fed up with it.

9. Please, I’m so mad right now I can’t talk to you.

10. Damn it.

11. Rubbish!

12. Just you wait!

13. Get out of my way!

14. That’s the last straw!

15. Mind your own business!

16. It’s none of your business! (Business English)

17. Shame on you!

18. I don’t think that’s very clever!

19. I get so irritated by Tom I can’t be around her.

20. I can’t stand it any longer!

21. It is none of your business.

22. What a nuisance!

23. Damn that stupid salesman!

24. Stop shouting your head off.

English Phrases to Express your Anger | Infographic

How to Express Anger Effectively

How to Express Anger

Last Updated on July 25, 2020

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