Experience Synonyms

EXPERIENCE Synonym: 20 Common Synonyms for Experience in English

Experience Synonyms!!! What are synonyms for experience? On this page, you will find all the synonyms for the word “experience” with example sentences.

Experience Synonyms

Here are some Experience synonyms to help you improve and expand your English vocabulary.

Synonyms for Experience List

  • Practical knowledge
  • Understanding
  • Involvement
  • Trial
  • Familiarity
  • Skill
  • Expertise
  • Observation
  • Background
  • Knowledge
  • Adventure
  • Contact
  • Wisdom
  • Struggle
  • Evidence
  • Exposure
  • Training
  • Sense
  • Know-how
  • Caution

Examples of Experience Synonyms

  • The school is an art school but practical knowledge is also very important.
  • Radio is developing a new understanding of how people use radio.
  • Alpirez was never even interrogated about his involvement in the crime.
  • Pro said a trial would probably take four to six weeks.
  • I had only a basic familiarity with computers.
  • The job requires skill and an eye for detail.
  • Customers will be impressed by the expertise of our highly trained employees.
  • She was admitted to the hospital for observation.
  • The job would suit someone with a business background.
  • Taylor combined great knowledge with an irreverent attitude to history.
  • When you’re a child, life is one big adventure.
  • We’ll make our decision and contact the people involved.
  • Experience is the mother of wisdom.
  • We repelled the enemy from the shores after a long hard struggle.
  • It was revealed that important evidence had been suppressed.
  • After only a short exposure to sunlight, he began to turn red.
  • A good training course will pre-empt many problems.
  • The experience reinforced my sense of loss.
  • I don’t have much know-how about engines.
  • You should exercise extreme caution when driving in fog.

Synonyms for Experience | Infographic

Experience Synonyms

EXPERIENCE Synonym: 20 Common Synonyms for Experience in English 1

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