Prepositions List: Learn 45+ Useful English Prepositions with Examples

Prepositions List!!! Learn the list of prepositions in English. Below is a huge English Prepositions List. This prepositions list will help you understand what a preposition is and show you some useful preposition examples.

Prepositions List | Prepositions Examples

Among the 9 parts of speech, the preposition is one of the most important parts of a sentence. A preposition links nouns, pronouns, or phrases to other words within a sentence. They act to connect the people, objects, time and locations of a sentence.

Learn English Prepositions List with Examples. Below are some preposition examples in English.

  • About – She said something about leaving town.
  • Above – He raised his arms above his head.
  • Across – They ran straight across the road.
  • After – Remember to close the door after you.
  • Against – Every council member voted against the proposal.
  • Along – We were driving along Follyfoot Road.
  • Among – The girl quickly disappeared among the crowd.
  • Around – The whole family was sitting around the dinner table.
  • At – Does this train stop at Preston?
  • Before – Larry arrived home before me.
  • Behind – The plane disappeared behind a cloud.
  • Between – You shouldn’t eat between meals.
  • Beyond – The ban has been extended beyond 2003.
  • But – I could come any day but Thursday.
  • By – The fox is known by his brush.
  • Concerning – We have several questions concerning the report.
  • Despite – Despite all our efforts to save the school, the authorities decided to close it.
  • Down – Tears were streaming down my face.
  • During – During the summer she worked as a lifeguard.
  • Except – The office is open every day except Sundays.
  • Following – Following the national news, we have local news and weather.
  • For – We need a new battery for the radio.
  • From – She flew from New York to London.
  • In – My mother was in the kitchen.
  • Including – All on the plane were killed, including the pilot.
  • Into – Come into the office.
  • Like – Her hair is dark brown like mine.
  • Near – They live near London.
  • Of – Words are the voice of the heart.
  • Off – Will someone switch the radio off?
  • On – People were sunbathing on the grass.
  • Onto – The car rolled over onto its side.
  • Out – She ran out the door and down the street.
  • Over – A lamp hung over the table.
  • Past – The hospital’s just up this road, about a mile past the school.
  • Plus – Three plus six equals nine.
  • Since – We’ve been waiting here since two o’clock.
  • Throughout – The disease spread rapidly throughout Europe.
  • To – Are you ready to start?
  • Towards – He was standing with his back towards me.
  • Under – Write your name under your picture.
  • Until – The ticket is valid until March.
  • Up – We walked slowly up the hill.
  • Upon – We are completely dependent upon your help.
  • Up to – I’ll leave it up to you.
  • With – I saw Bob in town with his girlfriend.
  • Within – I will be back within an hour.
  • Without – He had gone out without his parents’ permission.

List of Prepositions | Infographic

Prepositions List – List of Prepositions in English

Prepositions List

Prepositions List: Learn 45+ Useful English Prepositions with Examples 1

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