Dog Names: 120 Most Popular Male and Female Dog Names

Dog Names!!! Are you looking for a name for your super cute puppy? Here’s a list of the most popular names for dogs. This list includes male, female, cool, cute, good, best, and popular dog names.

Dog Names

Female and Male Dog Names

Female Dogs Male Dogs
Abby Blue
Penny Arlo
Baby Winston
Callie Toby
Zoe Cody
Maddie Ace
Katie Murphy
Josie Blu
Daisy Bear
Eden Odin
Ruby Cosmo
Fern Diesel
Ginger Tucker
Violet Brody
Hailey Wagner
Nori Bruno
Alice Ollie
Ibby Bailey
Betsy Chester
Miley Buster
Candy Comet
Willow Jack
Darla Oscar
Ella Beau
Foxy Finn
Libby Jake
Summer Gizmo
Grace Cooper
Annie Bruiser
Betty Banjo
Cassie Gunner
Diamond Jax
Sasha Leo
Luna Oliver
Karma Henry
Elsa Tank
Jackie Griffin
Hershey Lucky
Fanny Thor
Olive Ozzy
Gypsy Harley
Princess Buddy
Maggie Rocky
Ava Duke
Blondie Zeus
Hope Dexter
Cleo Teddy
Kelsey Jasper
Nellie Ziggy
Dolly Bruce
Inez Cash
Emmy Baxter
Pandora Riley
Jenna Milo
Sunny Max
Sierra Charlie
Lizzy Loki
Gabby Zyron
Tasha Fuzz
Sam Zebedee

Trendy Names for Dogs

Male Dogs:

  • Bentley – Ranch or farm with grass
  • Bubbles – Air pockets inside the liquid
  • Dingo – A wild Australian dog
  • Hunter – Seeks or finds
  • Hugo – Savvy, intelligent
  • Milo – Quiet and peaceful
  • Noodle – A slender strip of dried dough
  • Panda – Type of black/white bearlike animal
  • Scooter – Shuffling movement
  • Vesper – Evening star

Female Dogs:

  • Sophie – Beautiful cute gorgeous basically pretty
  • Pepsi – Black and Bubbly
  • Lucy – Crazy, energetic, and loving
  • Cookie – A sweet treat
  • Lola – Princess of all things
  • Skye – Very light and calm
  • Angel – Always good kind lovable perfectly well behaved
  • Cupcake – Sweet and lovable
  • AddieAdorable and addictive
  • Missy – A true girlie dog Sweet and loves every one

Example Sentences with “Dog”

  • Do not give a dog bread every time he wags his tail.
  • I rescued the remains of my slipper from the dog.
  • This is my dog. She is four years old.
  • The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog.
  • The car veered suddenly to avoid running into the dog.
  • She’s got a horrible little dog that yaps around your ankles.
  • He whistled to his dog and it came running.
  • The dog was biting, growling and wagging its tail.
  • The cat hogged himself to attack a big dog.
  • My dog always springs forth when I go back home.
  • I called off my dog when he came.
  • Please give the dog some food.
  • The dog ran at the visitor and bit him.
  • Our dog will nose out a rabbit anywhere it hides.
  • A small boy had been mauled by the neighbor’s dog.
  • They saw him beating his dog with a stick.
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List of Popular Dog Names

Dog Names

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Dog Names

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