Different Synonyms

DIFFERENT Synonym: 25 Common Synonyms for Different in English

Different Synonyms!!! Here is a useful list of synonyms for Different. This list is an excellent starting point for building up a vocabulary that allows you to converse fluently in English.

Different Synonyms

Synonyms for Different

  • Distant
  • Far from
  • Contrasting
  • Separate
  • Respective
  • Other
  • Nonidentical
  • Divergent
  • Disparate
  • Various
  • Distinctive
  • Differing
  • Poles apart
  • Dissimilar
  • Streets apart
  • Offbeat
  • Varied
  • Individual
  • Diverse
  • Sundry
  • Peculiar
  • Particular
  • At odds
  • Distinguishable
  • Unlike

Examples of Different Synonyms

  • The foreign visitors came from a distant country.
  • This kind of behavior is far from usual in children of this age.
  • They make up a wide pair, with beautiful contrasting colors.
  • We each have a separate bedroom but share a communal kitchen.
  • The tourists went back to their respective countries.
  • Does life exist on other planets?
  • The divergent views simply reflected their different interests.
  • Scientists are trying to pull together disparate ideas in astronomy.
  • The subject may be viewed in various ways.
  • Differing views about what free trade means aggravates the problem.
  • My hometown and the capital are poles apart.
  • Her latest book is quite dissimilar from her previous one.
  • Morris’ movies always have an offbeat sense of humor, and this one is no exception.
  • He wanted time to pursue his many and varied musical interests.
  • We interviewed each individual member of the community.
  • They can help bring diverse groups or communities together.
  • After the book signing, Clancy stood around talking to all and sundry.
  • Our history teacher has always been a little peculiar.
  • She wanted a particular type of cactus.
  • The two politicians were at odds over what was the truth.
  • It was getting light and shapes were more distinguishable.
  • In appearance, John is not unlike his brother.

Synonyms for Different | Infographic

Different Synonyms: Common Synonyms for Different

Different Synonyms

DIFFERENT Synonym: 25 Common Synonyms for Different in English 1

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