Days of the Week: 7 Days of the Week with Useful Examples

Days of the Week!!! A week is a time unit equal to seven days. When learning the days of the week, it is important to figure out what are weekdays, what are the weekend.

Days of the Week

Days of the weeand weekdays are not the same.

There are 7 days of the week, from Monday to Sunday. But there are only 5 weekdays, and the weekend has 2 days.

7 Days of the Week and Abbreviation

  • Monday: Mon.
  • Tuesday: Tues.
  • Wednesday: Wed.
  • Thursday: Thurs.
  • Friday: Fri.
  • Saturday: Sat.
  • Sunday: Sun.

Weekdays are the 5 days from Monday to Friday. The weekend is Saturday and Sunday.

Example Sentences

  • The restaurant is open every day except Monday.
  • I babysit for Jane on Tuesday evenings while she goes to her yoga class.
  • The foreign guests will call on you next Wednesday afternoon.
  • The committee will convene at 11.30 next Thursday.
  • They promised that all books would be returned by Friday.
  • We’re having a party on Saturday. Would you like to come?
  • A trip to the Summer Palace is programmed for next Sunday.
  • Can I arrange an appointment for Monday?
  • I proposed to go to London on Tuesday.
  • He gave an assurance that the work would be completed by Wednesday.
  • We’re having a meeting on Thursday to discuss the problem.
  • You can go to Hongkong with us so long as you finish your assignment before Friday.
  • There will be a wedding in the village church on Saturday.
  • According to the calendar, my birthday falls on a Sunday this year.
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Days of the Week | Infographic

The 7 Days of the Week

Days of the Week

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