Cry Synonyms

CRY Synonym: 16 Useful Synonyms for Cry with Examples

Cry Synonyms!!! Do you need Synonyms for Cry? Here is a list of synonyms words for Cry that you can use in English.

Cry Synonyms in English

This is a comprehensive list of synonyms for the word CRY.

  • Howl – Make a long loud cry because you are unhappy, angry, or in pain, or because you are amused or excited
  • Lament – Express feelings of great sadness about something
  • Sorrow – Feel or express great sadness
  • Wail – Cry out with a long high sound, especially because you are very sad or in pain
  • Weep – Cry because you are very sad; to cry while making sounds of distress
  • Whimper – Cry softly; to make a quiet crying sound
  • Sob – Cry noisily while talking in short, sudden breaths
  • Bawl – Cry very loudly
  • Bewail – Express deep sadness or disappointment about something
  • Blubber – Cry noisily, especially in a way that annoys people
  • Snivel – Cry and complain in a way that people think is annoying
  • Yowl – Make a long loud cry that sounds unhappy
  • Scream –  Give a loud, high cry, because you are hurt, frightened, excited
  • Squall – Cry very loudly and noisily
  • Mewl – Make a weak crying sound
  • Whine – Complain in an annoying, crying voice

Cry Synonyms Examples

  • She let out a howl of pain.
  • Ken began to lament the death of his only son.
  • sorrow for his death.
  • The women began to wail in mourning.
  • She wanted to laugh and weep all at once.
  • The child was lost and began to whimper.
  • The child started to sob when he couldn’t find his mother.
  • You don’t have to bawl out like that. Everybody can hear you.
  • She bewailed her misfortune.
  • She started to blubber like a child.
  • Billy started to snivel. His mother smacked his hand.
  • Patsy could hardly be heard above the baby’s yowls.
  • She cannot sleep and the pain is often so bad she wants to scream.
  • The hungry kid began to squall.
  • Straining his ears, he hears the mewl of a distant cat.
  • I’m sick and tired of listening to you whine.

Synonyms for Cry | Infographic

Cry Synonyms – Synonyms for Cry in English

Cry Synonyms

CRY Synonym: 16 Useful Synonyms for Cry with Examples 1

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