Connectors of Contrast: 40 Useful Connectors of Contrast in English

Connectors of contrast!!! In this lesson, we learn how to use connectors of contrast to express contrasts in English. Below are some common transitional words and phrases to show contrast.

Connectors of Contrast

Learn common connectors of contrast with meaning and examples. To show the contrast between two ideas we can use the following linking words of contrast.

List of Connectors of Contrast

  • However
  • At the same time
  • Because of
  • After all
  • Nevertheless
  • Although this
  • On the other hand
  • May be true
  • On the contrary
  • By comparison
  • Even so
  • By contrast
  • Notwithstanding
  • Compared to
  • Though
  • Contrarily
  • Otherwise
  • In spite of
  • Despite
  • Instead
  • Even though
  • Rather
  • Meanwhile
  • Up against
  • Although
  • Unlike
  • Nonetheless
  • In contrast to
  • Conversely
  • While
  • Whereas
  • Alternatively
  • In contrast
  • By contrast
  • But
  • Despite this
  • Yet
  • Apart from
  • While
  • Unlike

Examples of Connectors of Contrast

1. However

Used to indicate contrast or contradiction

-> We all tried our best. However, we lost the game.

2. Nevertheless

Used to say something which contrasts with what has just been said

-> He was very tired; nevertheless, he went on walking.

3. On the Other Hand

Used to say something that is different from the first thing mentioned

-> Nuclear power is relatively cheap. On the other hand, you could argue that it’s not safe.

4. On the contrary

Used to show that a thought or feeling which is the opposite of what has just started

-> You think you are clever; on the contrary, I assure you that you are very foolish.

5. Even so

Used to indicate something that is unusual or extreme

-> The new method is not perfect; even so, it’s much better than the old one.

6. Notwithstanding

Means despite the thing mentioned

-> Notwithstanding she is beautiful, she doesn’t think it goes for much.

7. Though

Used to show that two ideas are opposing one another

-> Though she’s almost 40, she still plans to compete.

8. Otherwise

Used to show what the result will be if the thing or condition, mentioned before, does not occur

-> Walk slowly on the ice, otherwise, you’ll fall.

9. Despite/ In Spite of

Used to show something which happens without being affected by something else

-> She looked lovely, despite her strange apparel.

10. Even though

Used as a stronger way to say “though” or “although

-> We decided to play on even though it was snowing.

11. Although

Used for introducing a new statement that makes the main statement surprising

-> She walked home by herself, although she knew that it was dangerous.

12. Nonetheless

Used to link two contradictory thoughts

-> The substance may not affect humans. Nonetheless, the FDA is examining it closely.

13. Conversely

Used to express an idea that is different from or opposite the other idea mentioned before

-> American consumers prefer white eggs; conversely, British buyers like brown eggs.

14. Whereas

Used for comparing two things which have significant differences from each other

-> She is slender, whereas he is stout.

15. In contrast

Used to compare two things or people and to say that the second one is very different from the first one

-> It was cold yesterday, in contrast, it’s very hot today.

16. But

Used to add a statement which is different from what you have said before

-> It’s an old car, but it’s very reliable.

17. Yet

Used to add something that is surprising after the first sentence which is mentioned before

-> Kelly was a convicted criminal, yet many people admired him.

18. While

Means “during the time” or “throughout the time

-> While there was no conclusive evidence, most people thought he was guilty.

Connectors of Contrast | Infographic

Useful Connectors of Contrast in English Grammar

Connectors of Contrast

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