Commonly Misspelled Words: How to Spell them Correctly?

Commonly Misspelled Words in English!!! Here’s a list of the 25 common misspelled words.

Most Commonly Misspelled Words

These are some common spelling mistakes you need to know…

Incorrect: Calender

Correct: Calendar


Incorrect: Definately

Correct: Definitely


Incorrect: Tommorrow

Correct: Tomorrow


Incorrect: Noticable

Correct: Noticeable


Incorrect: Dissappear

Correct: Disappear


Incorrect: Convinient

Correct: Convenient


Incorrect: Deterioreit

Correct: Deteriorate


Incorrect: Beggining

Correct: Beginning


Incorrect: Arguement

Correct: Argument


Incorrect: Febuary

Correct: February


Incorrect: Wensday

Correct: Wednesday


Incorrect: Ignor

Correct: Ignore


Incorrect: Occured

Correct: Occurred


Incorrect: Opertunity

Correct: Opportunity


Incorrect: Que

Correct: Queue


Incorrect: Speach

Correct: Speech


Incorrect: Thier

Correct: Their


Incorrect: Truely

Correct: Truly


Incorrect: Twelth

Correct: Twelfth


Incorrect: Wierd

Correct: Weird


Incorrect: Sieze

Correct: Seize


Incorrect: Liesure

Correct: Leisure


Incorrect: Nieghbour

Correct: Neighbour


Incorrect: Foriegn

Correct: Foreign


Incorrect: Mispelt

Correct: Misspelt

Common Misspelled Words | Infographic

Most Commonly Misspelled Words

Commonly Misspelled Words

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Gopakumar PS
Gopakumar PS
3 years ago

I shared your valuable tips through my fb…. lot of friends accepted this…. expect more… thanks

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