Commonly Confused Words: 20+ Pairs of English Words We Often Confuse

Commonly confused words in English!!! Here is a collection of some of the commonly confused words that you often encounter.

Commonly Confused Words

Here are the most commonly confused words:

1. Allowed vs Aloud

  • Mutual funds have allowed people to become longer-term investors.
  • Joanne, would you read the poem aloud?

2. Who vs Whom

  • Who are you?
  • Whom did they invite?

3. Allude vs Elude

  • I didn’t allude to anybody or anything.
  • The gold medal continues to elude her.

4. Which vs Witch

  • Which football team do you support?
  • The witch disappeared in a puff of smoke.

5. Ate vs Eight

  • ate two slices of toast.
  • I work eight hours a day.

6. Weather vs Whether

  • We are hoping for good weather on Sunday.
  • I doubted whether the story is true.

7. Break vs Brake

  • Don’t break in when he is telling the story.
  • The brake cable needs tightening up.

8. Weak vs Week

  • She is still weak after her illness.
  • We’re having an oral test this week.

9. By vs Buy


  • A man is known by his friends.
  • Where can I buy a ticket?

10. To vs Too

  • Eat to live, but not live to eat.
  • It is never too old to learn.

11. Capital vs Capitol

  • Beijing is the capital of China.
  • The U.S. Congress lies on Capitol Hill.

12. Than vs Then

  • A tattler is worse than a thief.
  • First, think, and then speak.

13. Coarse vs Course

  • The coarse language on TV was bleeped out.
  • There is also a golf course five miles away.

14. Stationary vs Stationery

  • The car collided with a stationary vehicle.
  • They sell stationery and stuff.

15. Ensure vs Insure

  • No one can insure you from failure.
  • The price is low to ensure a quick sale.

16. Quiet vs Quite

  • He was a quiet, shy man.
  • The path began to climb quite steeply.

17. Farther vs Further

  • You can only gain by further study.
  • We decided not to go any farther.

18. Principle vs Principal

  • This principle was rooted in my mind.
  • I must consult my principal on this matter.

19. For vs Four

  • There is a time for everything.
  • This lesson is divided into four units.

20. Plain vs Plane

  • The problem is quite plain to us.
  • We convinced Anne to go by plane.

21. Forth vs Fourth

  • April showers bring forth May flowers.
  • Many boys explode firecrackers on the Fourth of July.

22. Peace vs Piece

  • Why can’t they live together in peace?
  • Can you manage another piece of cake?

23. Hear vs Here

  • I can hear voices through the wall.
  • She started work here last May.

24. Loose vs Lose

  • She is wearing a loose dress.
  • I was unfortunate enough to lose my keys.

Commonly Misused Words in English | Picture

Commonly Confused Words in English

Commonly Confused Words

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Myna konate
Myna konate
2 years ago

I love the page

Christiane Schubert
Christiane Schubert
1 year ago

A very good page. I have difficulties wit assume and presume. What’s the difference?

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