Color Idioms: 29 Awesome Color Idioms to Develop Your English

Color Idioms List! Colorful idioms are everywhere! Color idioms are very common in English. Here are some common color idioms and expressions that will improve your English.

Color Idioms

Awesome Color Idioms

List of great English idioms based on color with their meanings.

1. Red tape

Official or bureaucratic tasks

2. Green with envy

To be very jealous, envious

3. Gray area

Something that is unclear, undefined

4. Black and blue

Describe something that is badly bruised

5. Golden opportunity

The perfect chance

6. Have the blues

Be sad or depressed

7. Black sheep

A person who is a disgrace to a family or group

8. Out of the blue

Randomly, without warning, surprisingly

9. White lie

A small lie that is told to be polite or avoid hurting someone’s feelings

10. Yellow-bellied

A coward

11. Caught red-handed

To catch someone in the act of doing something

12. To be yellow

To be cowardly

13. To see red

To be very angry

14. Green thumb

To be skilled at gardening

15. Once in a blue moon (Idioms about Nature)

Very rarely

16. Take the red eye

A late night flight that arrives early in the morning

17. Tickled pink

To be extremely pleased

18. Pink slip

A notice of dismissal from employment

19. White elephant

An expensive item that is costly to maintain

20. Silver screen

The film industry

21. Blue collar

Working in a manual labor job

22. Black as night

Somewhere very dark, when it is hard to see anything

23. Black eye

A bruise near one’s eye

24. Black out


25. Beet red

Dark red

26. Black and white

Straight forward, very clear

27. The green light


28. In the red

In debt

29. Roll out the red carpet

Treat someone like royalty

Color Idioms Examples

  • It takes weeks to get through the red tape.
  • He was green with envy when he saw my new Jaguar car.
  • I’m having trouble answering you because there gray area.
  • He punched me until I was black and blue.
  • He wasted a golden opportunity when he missed from the penalty spot.
  • Leave me alone. I really have the blues today.
  • Tom is the black sheep of his family.
  • Symptoms of the disease often appear out of the blue.
  • The doctor told him a white lie.
  • I see red whenever I hear that man’s name.
  • Mr. White has a green thumb. His garden is always beautiful.

Color Idioms with their Meaning | Infographic

Color Idioms in English

Color Idioms

Color Idioms with their Meaning

Color Idioms

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