10 Interesting Collocations with LOSE in English

Common Collocations with Lose! Here is a list of useful collocations with Lose in English you should know.

Useful Collocations with Lose

Common Collocations with the word Lose with examples.

1. Lose weight

She is trying to lose weight.

2. Lose money (Business English)

The business will lose money if it doesn’t modernize.

3. Lose the way

Stay by me, I don’t want you to lose the way.

4. Lose one’s mind

“What a terrible thing it is to lose one’s mind.”

5. Lose the match

Unless England improves their game, they’re going to lose the match.

6. Lose a game

It would be a major upset for the Minutemen to lose a game at home.

7. Lose something

Sit down or you’ll lose your seat.

8. Lose consciousness

The blow caused him to lose consciousness.

9. Lose one’s temper

It signs that he will lose his temper.

10. Lose a family member

She’d rather die than lose the children.

Collocations with the Word Lose | Infographic

Useful Collocations with Lose with Examples

Collocations with Lose

10 Interesting Collocations with LOSE in English 1

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Mohd kaifi

You should have mentioned meaning of the wors which collected with lose