College vs University: What’s the Difference between University vs College?

College vs university!!! What is the difference between a college and a university? The definitions below will help you determine the major differences between university vs college.

College vs University

College Definition and Examples

College is an educational institution for higher learning that typically offers undergraduate degrees. Usually, colleges are either affiliated to a university or any autonomous body.

They are normally smaller than universities. They do not offer any research program to the students.

A Dean or Director is the head of a college. Due to limited facilities and small size, the fee structure is usually less.

College Examples:

  • The college admits students anytime during the year.
  • She honed her debating skills at college.
  • He tends to idealize his life in college.
  • The college prepares students for a career in business.
  • Men in college were exempt from military service.

University Definition and Examples

University is an educational and research institution that offers undergraduate and graduate degrees leading to a master’s degree or a Ph.D. Universities do not require any affiliation from other universities.

Universities are normally bigger than colleges and are often spread across multiple campuses and sites. They offer various research programs to the students. The vice-chancellor is the head of a university.

Due to multiple facilities and programs available, universities are way costlier than college.

University Examples:

  • Neither my mother nor my father went to university.
  • The university graduated 500 students last year.
  • He wrote a letter of acceptance to the university.
  • She was a professor of physics at the University of Chicago.
  • University teachers have refused to supervise students’ examinations.

College vs University Infographic

Commonly Confused Words: Difference between College vs University

College vs University

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