Collective Nouns: 200+ Most Important Collective Nouns in English

Do you need some collective nouns? This lesson shows you a collective nouns list in the English language.

Collective Nouns

What Is a Collective Noun?

A collective noun is a word that refers to a set or group of animals, people, or things. Collective nouns are sometimes called group nouns. There are lots of collective nouns, and some of them might be useful to know.

List of Collective Nouns

Below is a 105 commonly used collective nouns list you should learn. Learn this collective nouns list to help you improve your vocabulary.

  • A pair of shoes
  • A catalog of prices
  • A class of students
  • A swarm of bees
  • An anthology of prose
  • An army of ants
  • A battery of artillery
  • A patrol of policemen
  • A colony of badgers
  • A fleet of vehicles
  • A hail of bullets
  • A line of kings
  • A pack of wolves
  • A shoal of fish
  • A gang of prisoners
  • A bouquet of flowers
  • A bowl of rice
  • A bunch of keys
  • A bundle of sticks
  • A hedge of bushes
  • A chest of drawers
  • A cluster of coconuts
  • A cloud of dust
  • A party of friends
  • A heap of rubbish
  • A posse of policemen
  • A regiment of soldiers
  • A staff of employees
  • A team of players
  • A tribe of natives
  • A troop of scouts
  • A bunch of crocks
  • A caravan of gypsies
  • A choir of singers
  • A library of books
  • A company of actors
  • A congregation of worship
  • A haul of fish
  • A string of horses
  • A stud of horses
  • An outfit of clothes
  • A quiver of arrows
  • A sloth of bears
  • A host of sparrows
  • A pod of birds
  • A chatter of budgerigars
  • A herd of cattle
  • A hive of bees
  • A team of oxen
  • A herd of curlew
  • A mob of deer
  • A band of musicians
  • A litter of cubs
  • A sheaf of grain
  • A bevy of ladies
  • A board of directors
  • A crew of sailors
  • A body of men
  • A gaggle of geese
  • A range of mountains
  • A bevy of quail
  • A cloud of insects
  • A drove of horses
  • A string of pearls
  • A wad of notes
  • An agenda of tasks
  • An anthology of poems
  • An orchard of fruit trees
  • A hand of bananas
  • A basket of fruit
  • A mob of rioters
  • A pack of thieves
  • A batch of bread
  • A galaxy of stars
  • A fleet of boats
  • A fleet of cars
  • A troupe of artists
  • A pack of cards
  • A group of islands
  • A forest of trees
  • A ream of paper
  • A clump of bushes
  • A battery of guns
  • A block of flats
  • A dynasty of kings
  • A flight of airplanes
  • A flight of stairs
  • A garland of Sonnets
  • A group of dancers
  • A catch of fish
  • A colony of gulls
  • A flight of birds
  • A flock of sheep
  • A shower of rain
  • A stack of wood
  • A nest of mice
  • A set of clubs
  • A reel of film
  • A school of whales
  • A book of notes
  • A pride of lions
  • A crowd of people
  • A zoo of wild animals
  • A bale of cotton
  • A packet of letters

Collective Nouns for People, Animals, Things

Collective Nouns for People

Below is the list of collective nouns for people in English.

  • A band of musicians
  • A troupe of artistes
  • A dynasty of kings
  • A group of dancers
  • A bevy of ladies
  • A staff of employees
  • A crowd of people
  • A party of friends
  • A board of directors
  • A regiment of soldiers
  • A crew of sailors
  • A tribe of natives
  • A body of men
  • A patrol of policemen
  • A congregation of worshippers
  • A pack of thieves
  • A bunch of crocks
  • A company of actors
  • A team of players
  • A mob of rioters
  • A caravan of gypsies
  • A line of kings
  • A troop of scouts
  • A choir of singers
  • A host of angels
  • A posse of policemen
  • A class of students
  • A gang of prisoners
  • A horde of savages

Collective Nouns for Animals

The following is the list of common collective nouns for animals.

  • A cackle of hyenas
  • A mustering of storks
  • A mob of kangaroos
  • A wisp of snipe
  • A pod of whales
  • A bale of turtles
  • A murder of crows
  • A muster of peafowl
  • A brace of ducks
  • An exaltation of larks
  • A party of jays
  • A flock of geese
  • A cast of hawks
  • A sedge of herons
  • A stand of flamingos
  • A scold of jays
  • A team of ducks
  • A covey of partridge
  • A trip of dotterel
  • An army of frogs
  • A school of whales
  • A nest of turtles
  • A leap of leopards
  • A host of sparrows
  • A troop of kangaroos

Collective Nouns for Things

Here are some collective nouns for things in the English language.

  • A wad of notes
  • A pair of shoes
  • An album of photographs
  • A string of pearls
  • An anthology of poems
  • A reel of film
  • An outfit of clothes
  • A fleet of ships
  • A comb of bananas
  • An archipelago of islands
  • A quiver of arrows
  • A bale of cotton
  • A packet of letters
  • A hedge of bushes
  • A basket of fruit
  • An orchard of fruit trees
  • A batch of bread
  • A library of books
  • A battery of guns
  • A set of clubs
  • A harvest of wheat
  • A block of flats
  • A forest of trees
  • A book of notes
  • A group of islands
  • A bouquet of flowers
  • A collection of coins
  • A bowl of rice
  • A stack of wood
  • A bunch of keys
  • A hand of bananas
  • A bundle of sticks
  • A catalog of prices
  • A shower of rain
  • A ream of paper
  • A chest of drawers
  • A heap of rubbish
  • A range of mountains
  • A cluster of coconuts
  • A pack of cards
  • A hail of bullets
  • A cloud of dust
  • A galaxy of stars
  • A sheaf of grain
  • A clump of bushes

Collective Nouns for Food & Drinks

This is an interesting list of common collective nouns for food and drinks.

  • A load/ slice/ piece of bread
  • A bowl of rice
  • A slice/ piece of cheese
  • A bowl of soup
  • A bar/ piece/ square of chocolate
  • A slice/ piece of cake
  • A piece of cookies
  • A can of soda
  • A bottle of milk
  • A box of cereal
  • A carton of milk
  • A cup of tea

Collective Nouns List | Infographic

Collective Nouns

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Abdoulie F Jallow
Abdoulie F Jallow
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Blair sanches
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A what of chicks,and a what of bells?

Jonno Wright
Jonno Wright
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Bevies of chicks; ringings of bells

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Abdoulie F Jallow
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R P Evans
R P Evans
2 years ago

I would have thought that most people would wish to know what the collective noun is of some profession, animal et. Therefore, I think that an alphabetized list of thinks, crows, judges, cows accompanied by the collective noun would make use of this easier


arrows quiver

flowers bouquet

After all we are generally searching for the collective noun (the unknown) of something (the known). Just a thought.

Nevertheless, this makes interesting reading. Thank you.

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Really gloomy

2 years ago

It’s not bad but really simple. Can’t they give the advanced collective nouns?!!?

2 years ago

A cabinet of carpenters

2 years ago

What is the collective noun for eggs

2 years ago
Reply to  Anastasha

a clutch of eggs

2 years ago

The collective noun for a group of whales is a pod. Only fish congregate in schools. All cetacians travel and live in pods.

English Teacher
English Teacher
8 months ago
Reply to  Glenn
roger rabbit
roger rabbit
2 years ago

There were a few mistakes and to many collective nouns for horses but overall its OK .

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vihandu rajapakse
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Lilliana Ketchman
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Seirena albert
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1 year ago

What is the collective noun for boots?

Jonno Wright
Jonno Wright
9 months ago
Reply to  Not_Moonlight

Pairs of boots

1 year ago

Do you have a search tool. I am looking for Latin and Greek roots.

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Anthony H Ratcliffe
Anthony H Ratcliffe
1 year ago

A bloat of hippopotamuses

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Wonderful and so useful. Could you provide an alphabetic or searchable listing?

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yuan lil
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What is the collective nouns for Roller cosater

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P. Nadeesha
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  1. What is the collective nouns?
1 year ago

A what of robbers , A what of lies and A what of houses can someone pls tell me 😕

1 year ago
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a band of robbers, pack of lies and a street of houses

11 months ago
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a gang

1 year ago

Most of these are not collective nouns. Would you look at a pile of drawers and call it a chest?

1 year ago

Beautiful compilation of collective nouns…
Thank you

Mike Seeker
Mike Seeker
1 year ago


A dazzle of zebras
A dazzle of dragonflies

11 months ago

it helps me in class

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John Smith
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