Halloween Words: 60 Scary Words to Describe Halloween

Halloween Words

Halloween Words!!! The words below are some of the most commonly used when talking about Halloween. Halloween Words Halloween is a celebration observed in several countries on 31 October. Halloween activities include trick-or-treating, attending Halloween costume parties, carving pumpkins into jack-o’-lanterns, lighting bonfires, apple bobbing, divination games,… Halloween Words List Spider Bat Skeleton Candy corn … Read more

Christmas Words: Useful List of 100 Words Related to Christmas

Christmas Words

Christmas Words!!! This useful page provides some of the most common English vocabulary words used to talk about Christmas. You’ll find many different words and phrases with example sentences to help show context for each word provided in this vocabulary overview. Christmas Words Christmas Words A-Z The words below are the most common words used when talking … Read more

Negative Words: List of 85 Negative Adjectives You Should Know

Negative Words

Negative Words!!! Below is a list of negative adjectives in English. This list is an excellent starting point for building up vocabulary to converse fluently in English. Negative Words Negative Personality Adjectives This is the list of negative adjectives you probably don’t know. Arrogant Obstinate Moody Impolite Sneaky Big-headed Resentful Cruel Machiavellian Aloof Pompous Cowardly Intolerant Silly … Read more

Descriptive Words: 150+ Best Descriptive Words in English

Descriptive Words

Descriptive words in English!!! Let’s take a look at the list of descriptive words in English. Descriptive Words Descriptive words are help visualize, describe, define, or explain information about people, places, things, situations, or actions. Most people think of adjectives, words that describe nouns when they think of descriptive words, but many are not adjectives. … Read more