Living Room Furniture: 20+ Helpful Things in the Living Room

Living Room Furniture

Living Room Furniture!!! The living room is a room in a residential house or apartment for relaxing and socializing. A living room may contain many items such as a sofa, chairs, coffee tables, bookshelves,… Living Room Furniture Things in the Living Room Sofa Chair Coffee table End table Decorative pillow Sofa blanket Television Media cabinet Bookshelf CD player Floor lamp Drapes Window blinds Telephone Picture … Read more

Top 35 Best Tropical Fruits You Should Try

Tropical Fruits

Tropical fruits list! Tropical fruit is a type of fruit that includes many of the most popular and delicious fruits. Below is a useful tropical fruit list with examples. This list will help you know many fruit names and improve your English vocabulary. Tropical Fruits What are tropical fruits? Tropical fruits are a type of … Read more

Occupations: Useful List of 70 Common Jobs in English

List of Occupations

List of occupations! Below is a useful list of jobs in English. This list includes many names of jobs and occupations around the world with examples and ESL infographics. List of Occupations Names of Jobs Here is the list of occupations in English. Accountant Actor/ Actress Architect Artist Astronaut Baker Ballet Dancer Bartender Bellboy Biologist … Read more