Reporting Verbs: Important List of 85 Reporting Verbs for ESL Learners

Reporting Verbs

Learn reporting verbs in English with list and examples. Below is a list of reporting verbs that English students need to know. Reporting Verbs In English grammar, a reporting verb is a verb used to indicate that discourse is being quoted or paraphrased. Useful List of Reporting Verbs Below is a useful reporting verbs list in English. … Read more

Linking Verbs: 14 Common Linking Verbs with Example Sentences

Linking Verbs

Learn linking verbs list in English with examples and infographic. In this lesson, we will study common linking verbs in English. Linking Verbs in English The most common linking verb is the verb to be. Other common ones relate to the five senses (look, feel, smell, sound, and taste). Below is a common linking verbs list in English with examples. Be Appear … Read more

Intransitive Verb: A Short List of 100 Useful Intransitive Verbs in English

Intransitive Verbs

Are you searching for intransitive verbs? Here is a useful list of common intransitive verbs in English with example sentences and ESL infographic. Intransitive Verbs This is a useful intransitive verb list for ESL learners. Act Adapt Crawl Dance Erupt Escape Expand Explode Fade Fall Fast Float Fly Gallop Grow Jump Kneel Lead Lean Leap … Read more