90 Useful Appearance Adjectives to Describe People

Adjectives to Describe People

What are appearance adjectives to describe people? Appearance adjectives are words that describe the physical characteristics of a person. These can include their overall appearance, as well as specific features like their face, hair, and body. Here are some appearance adjectives to describe how people look! Appearance Adjectives to Describe People What Are Appearance Adjectives? … Read more

Conjunctive Adverbs: 50+ Popular Conjunctive Adverbs for English Students

Conjunctive Adverbs

Conjunctive adverbs are words that connect clauses or sentences and indicate the relationship between them. Conjunctive adverbs can be used to show cause and effect, contrast, or other relationships between clauses. They can be used to join independent clauses or clauses that could stand alone as separate sentences, as well as to join dependent clauses, … Read more

Feeling Words: 100+ Useful Words for Talking about Feeling Good or Bad

Feeling Words

Feeling words, also known as emotion words or words of emotion, are words that describe the various emotions that a person can experience. Emotions are complex psychological and physiological responses to stimuli that can vary in intensity and duration. They can be positive (such as happiness or love) or negative (such as anger or sadness). … Read more

Conditional Conjunctions: How to Use Conditional Conjunctions in Sentences

Conditional Conjunctions

Conditional conjunctions are words that connect clauses or phrases in a sentence and indicate that one clause or phrase depends on the other clause or phrase. They are used to introduce a condition in a sentence, and they help to show the relationship between the two clauses or phrases. In this lesson, we will review … Read more

Strong Adjectives: List of 150+ Strong Adjectives in English

Strong Adjectives

Strong adjectives are adjectives that are more intense or more powerful in their meaning than other adjectives. They are often used to convey strong emotions or to emphasize a particular quality. Some examples of strong adjectives include “fantastic,” “terrible,” “excellent,” and “wonderful.” These words are often used to describe things or experiences that are particularly … Read more