Personality Traits: 160 English Adjectives that Describe Personality

Personality Traits

Personality traits!!! Personality traits are permanent aspects or traits. They can develop slowly over time, but they are usually permanent. We use the question “What are you like?” to ask about personality. This lesson will cover basic adjectives for describing people’s personalities in English with useful examples. Personality Traits Personality means an individual’s tendencies to … Read more

Character Traits: Comprehensive List of 240 Positive and Negative Character Traits

Character Traits

Character Traits!!! The words used to describe characters are called character traits and if you can name the characters you can describe them as well. Below is a comprehensive list of character traits for you in English. Character Traits Character traits generally refer to the temporally stable and cross-situationally consistent individual patterns in how people think, … Read more

Time Clauses: Useful Examples of Time Clauses in English

Time Clauses

Time clauses!!! Time clause is usually used for adverbial clauses which link an event in that clause to another event in the main clause in a time relationship. This clause is used to answer the question when? Time Clauses When, while, as soon as, after, before, and until are conjunctions of time. We use these words to introduce time … Read more