Abstract Nouns: Useful List of 100+ Abstract Nouns and Examples

Abstract Nouns

Abstract nouns in English!!! In this lesson, we learn about a useful abstract noun list and some abstract noun examples. Abstract Nouns Disbelief Disquiet Disturbance Education Ego Envy Evil Failure Faith Fascination Fear Fragility Freedom Gossip Hate Hatred Hearsay Honour Ability Adoration Adventure Amazement Anger Anxiety Apprehension Awe Beauty Belief Bravery Brutality Calm Chaos Charity … Read more

Irregular Plural Nouns: The Helpful List of 35+ Irregular Plurals in English

Irregular Plural Nouns

Irregular plural nouns in English!!! Here’s all the information you need to recognize and form irregular plurals. Irregular Plural Noun Definition An irregular plural noun is an irregular noun in the plural form. An irregular noun becomes plural by changing its spelling in another way than adding “s” or “es” to the end of the … Read more