No Sooner Than: When to Use No Sooner … Than with Useful Examples

No Sooner Than

No sooner than!!! In this article, we will learn how to use no sooner … than in English and show some useful examples with ESL infographic. No Sooner Than No sooner than is correlative conjunction. The structure no sooner … than is used to talk about something that happens immediately after something else. No sooner … Read more

Subordinating Conjunctions: Useful Subordinating Conjunctions and Examples

Subordinating Conjunctions

Subordinating conjunctions in English!!! In this lesson, we will study a useful list of subordinating conjunctions and some subordinating conjunctions examples. Subordinating Conjunctions In English, there are a lot of subordinating conjunctions. Below is a useful subordinating conjunctions list to help you expand your English. After Although As As if As long as As much as … Read more

Correlative Conjunctions: Useful Correlative Conjunctions List and Examples

Correlative Conjunctions

Correlative conjunctions!!! Learn the correlative conjunction definition, correlative conjunctions list, and examples. Correlative Conjunctions Correlative Conjunction Definition: Correlative conjunctions work in pairs and relate one sentence element to another. They include pairs such as both and, either or, neither nor, not but and not only but also. Learn the correlative conjunctions list in English. List … Read more

Conjunctions List: Top 60+ Popular Conjunctions in Sentences

Conjunctions List

Conjunctions list!!! Below is a conjunctions list in English you should know. There are 100 conjunctions in this wonderful list. Conjunctions List Conjunction words are words that link other words, phrases, or clauses. There are three types of conjunctions: coordinating conjunctions, subordinating conjunctions, and correlative conjunctions. Here is a conjunctions list in English. Accordingly Actually After … Read more

Conjunction Words: How to Use Both and – Either or – Neither nor in Sentences

Conjunction Words

Learn conjunction words in English grammar. In this article, we learn how to use correlative conjunctions both and, either or and neither nor in a sentence. Conjunction Words Both And Both and refers to two things or people together. It is always considered plural in a sentence. She carves in both stone and wood. Nepal has frontiers … Read more

Using Conditional Conjunctions in Sentences | Meaning and Examples

Conditional Conjunctions

Conditional conjunctions in English sentences. In this lesson, we will review the most common conditional conjunctions in spoken and written English. Conditional Conjunctions How to Use Unless Unless means except on the condition that. Unless needs a main clause to make a complete sentence. Victory won’t come to me unless I go to it. Unless I’m mistaken, she was … Read more