Commonly Misspelled Words: How to Spell them Correctly?

Commonly Misspelled Words

Commonly Misspelled Words in English!!! Here’s a list of the 25 common misspelled words. Most Commonly Misspelled Words These are some common spelling mistakes you need to know… Incorrect: Calender Correct: Calendar   Incorrect: Definately Correct: Definitely   Incorrect: Tommorrow Correct: Tomorrow   Incorrect: Noticable Correct: Noticeable   Incorrect: Dissappear Correct: Disappear   Incorrect: Convinient Correct: Convenient   Incorrect: Deterioreit Correct: Deteriorate   Incorrect: Beggining Correct: Beginning   Incorrect: Arguement Correct: Argument   … Read more

Mistakes with Adverbs: Common Grammar Mistakes in English

Common Mistakes with Adverbs

Learn common mistakes with adverbs!!! In this lesson, we will learn about some common mistakes with adverbs and how to avoid them.  Common Mistakes with Adverbs Learn common grammatical errors in the use of adverbs in English. Below are some common grammar mistakes in the use of adverbs in English. Incorrect: I am much happy to see you. Correct: I am very happy … Read more