Adjectives of Quantity: 40 Useful Adjectives of Quantity in English

Adjective of Quantity

Adjectives of quantity!!! In this lesson, we learn quantity adjective definition, list, and some quantity adjectives examples. Adjective of Quantity Adjectives of quantity as the very name suggests describes the quantity, these adjectives help to show the amount or the predicted amount of the noun or pronoun. In short, the adjective showing the number of nouns or pronouns is called Adjective of … Read more

Adjectives of Attitude: A Huge List of 135 Attitude Adjectives in English

Adjectives of Attitude

Learn adjectives of attitude in English. This page lists 135 adjectives of attitude that describe someone’s attitude and personality in English. Adjectives of Attitude List of Adjectives of Attitude Here is a list of Adjectives that describe people’s attitude and personality. Amused Angry Apathetic Consoling Contemplative Superficial Surly Surprised Sweet Testy Threatening Tired Uninterested Vibrant Whimsical Wrathful Wry Conventional … Read more

90 Useful Appearance Adjectives to Describe People

Adjectives to Describe People

Useful appearance adjectives to describe people in English. Let’s learn some appearance adjectives to describe how people look! Appearance Adjectives to Describe People List of Adjectives to Describe People List of adjectives used to describe people’s appearance. Young Old Middle-aged Forty-seven Thin Skinny Slim Fat Plump Well-built Short Tall Medium height Dwarf Attractive Bald Beautiful  Blonde … Read more

Feeling Words: 100+ Useful Words for Talking about Feeling Good or Bad

Feeling Words

Feeling Words in English!!! In this lesson, you’ll learn a list of feeling words (emotion words) to describe how you’re feeling. This list will help young children build strong social-emotional skills by using these feeling words to express their emotions. Feeling Words in English The following list contains common English adjectives that are often used … Read more

Strong Adjectives: List of 150+ Strong Adjectives in English

Strong Adjectives

Strong Adjectives!!! Learn a useful list of strong Adjectives in English with examples. This list of the most interesting adjectives will help you improve your language level. English Strong Adjectives List List of Strong Adjectives Here is a Strong Adjectives list in English Teeny Tiny Alive Annoying Better Freezing Brainy Breakable Busy Careful Clever Crazy … Read more