List of Suffixes: 26 Important Suffixes in English for ESL Students

List of Suffixes: 26 Important Suffixes in English for ESL Students 1

List of Suffixes!!! In this lesson, we learn the List of Suffixes in English with meaning for ESL Learners. List of Suffixes with their Meaning Below is a list of Suffixes plus meaning and examples you should know… Noun Suffixes 1. -er Meaning: A person Words: helper, teacher, preacher, dancer (Jobs Vocabulary) 2. -or Meaning: A … Read more

List of Prefixes: A Big List of 20 Prefixes and Their Meaning

List of Prefixes

List of Prefixes in English. In this lesson, we study common prefixes with meaning for ESL Students. List of Prefixes with Definition Below is a list of Prefixes plus definition and examples you should know. 1. Ex- Definition: Former, older Words: ex-president, ex-boyfriend, exterminate, ex-wife 2. Dis- Definition: Not, opposite of Words: discord, discomfort, disengage 3. Anti- Definition: Against … Read more

Transition Words: Useful List of 99 Linking Words in English

Transition Words

Learn the transition words list in English with the infographic. This article shows the transition words list for ESL learners. Transition Words List of Transition Words Transition words are words or groups of words that connect two separate ideas together. Here is a common transitional words list in English you should know… Because of this … Read more

Connectors of Contrast: 40 Useful Connectors of Contrast in English

Connectors of Contrast

Connectors of contrast!!! In this lesson, we learn how to use connectors of contrast to express contrasts in English. Below are some common transitional words and phrases to show contrast. Connectors of Contrast Learn common connectors of contrast with meaning and examples. To show the contrast between two ideas we can use the following linking words of contrast. … Read more