15 Ways to Respond to Bad News in English

How to Respond to Bad News

Ways to Respond to Bad News!!! In this article, we learn how to respond to bad news in English. How to Respond to Bad News How dreadful! I’m really sorry to hear that. How unfortunate! That’s really tough on you! That’s awful! Sorry, that’s rough/ awful/ disappointing. Oh, dear! That must have been awful. Anytime … Read more

Greetings: 28 Useful Formal and Informal Greetings in English


Greetings in English!!! Learn how to use some simple formal and informal English greetings, as well as fun slang expressions that people use to greet each other. Formal and Informal English Greetings Formal Greeting Hello Mary! Hello. How are you? Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. What are you doing? It’s nice to meet you. How … Read more

Rainy Weather: Useful Words and Phrases to Describe Rainy Weather

Rainy Weather

Learn Rainy Weather Vocabulary in English with the Infographic. This lesson shows many words and phrases that we use when talking about rainy weather vocabulary. Rainy Weather Phrases and Words Phrases to Describe Rainy Weather It’s raining. It’s spitting. It’s drizzling. It’s been raining on and off all day. It’s pouring. It’s really coming down … Read more

Talking on the Phone: 35+ Useful Expressions for Speaking on the Phone

Talking on the Phone

Talking on the phone is especially important. In this English lesson, we focus on commonly used expressions for talking on the phone. Useful Phrases for Talking on the Phone Here are some of the common phrases used when telephoning in English including answering, transferring calls, and taking a message. Formal Common Expressions for Speaking Polite on the … Read more