Idioms About NATURE: 10 Interesting Nature Idioms in English

Idioms About Nature

Idioms about Nature!!! Learn interesting Nature idioms with examples and infographic. Here is a list of Interesting Idioms about Nature in English with some nature idioms examples. Common Idioms about Nature There are many English idioms based on Nature. Here are 10 Nature Idioms with their meanings. 1. A shrinking violet Meaning:  A shy person 2. On … Read more

Idioms about Friendship: 10 Popular English Idioms about Friendship

Idioms about Friendship

Idioms about Friendship!!! Here are some idioms about friendship that are used every day and some friendship idioms examples. English Idioms about Friendship There are many English idioms and expressions about friendship and relationships. Here are 10 English language idioms about friendship for English students. 1. Like two peas in a pod Meaning: Very similar 2. … Read more

Color Idioms: 29 Awesome Color Idioms to Develop Your English

Color Idioms

Color Idioms List! Colorful idioms are everywhere! Color idioms are very common in English. Here are some common color idioms and expressions that will improve your English. Color Idioms Awesome Color Idioms List of great English idioms based on color with their meanings. 1. Red tape Official or bureaucratic tasks 2. Green with envy To be very jealous, envious 3. Gray area … Read more

School Idioms: 15 Popular School Idioms in English

School Idioms

School Idioms!!! In this lesson, we will study some School Idioms with meaning and examples. Below are some of the most commonly used English idioms relating to the school. School Idioms List Here is a list of 15 popular School Idioms in English and their meaning. Bookworm Someone who reads a lot Brainstorm something To think … Read more