Merry Christmas Wishes: 35 Best Merry Christmas Wishes and Messages

Merry Christmas Wishes

Merry Christmas wishes!!! In this lesson, we’ve compiled the biggest list of best Merry Christmas wishes and messages in English for friends, family, colleagues, partners, etc. Merry Christmas Wishes Below is the list of perfect Merry Christmas wishes and messages for your own holiday greetings. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! May this Christmas … Read more

Snowy Weather: How to Express Snowy Weather in Sentences

Snowy Weather

Learn snowy weather vocabulary in English. In this article, we will learn common words and phrases to describe snow weather in English. Snowy Weather Vocabulary These are useful words related to snowy weather and their meanings. Snow Heavy snow/ deep snow Light snow Hail Sleet Wet snow Melting snow Snowfall Snowstorm Blizzard Frost Thaw Slippery roads … Read more

Classroom Language: 29 Useful Classroom English Expressions for ESL Students

Classroom Language

Classroom Language!!! Below is some common classroom language for ESL Learners. Classroom Language For Students This is a list of common English Classroom Phrases you should know. I’m sorry. I did not hear. Can I go to the toilet? May I join the class/ group? Sorry, for being late. May I open/ close the window? May I … Read more

Phrasal Verbs with READ: 7 Useful Read Phrasal Verbs in English

Phrasal Verbs with Read

Let’s learn phrasal verbs with Read in English with Examples. There are some phrasal verbs with Read. We’ll cover some of the most useful phrasal verbs in this lesson. Phrasal Verbs with Read Read something off To read something aloud from a list Read (something) back (to somebody) To read some information back or again to the person … Read more

Being Polite: 12 Basic Expressions for Being Polite in English

Being Polite

Being Polite!!! Learn Useful Phrases to Be Polite in English. Here are some expressions for being polite in English. Being Polite in English Don’t Say: That’s a bad idea. Say: I’m not so sure that’s a good idea.   Don’t Say: Can I smoke here? Say: Would you mind if I smoked here?   Don’t Say: Come here. Say: Could you come here?   Don’t Say: This report is awful. Say: This report is not really up to standard.   Don’t Say: No. (No Synonym) Say: No, thanks.   Don’t Say: Can I borrow your pencil? Say: Could I borrow your pencil?   Don’t … Read more

Useful Temperature Vocabulary: How to Express Temperature in English

Temperature Vocabulary

Temperature Vocabulary!!! In this article, we’ll learn some temperature vocabulary and expressions in English. Below are useful temperature vocabulary and expressions you should know. Temperature Vocabulary Temperature Vocabulary Words Here is a list showing temperature vocabulary. Cold: low temperature Hot: high temperature Warm: slightly hot, especially in a pleasant way Cool: slightly cold in a pleasant way Chill: cold … Read more

15 Simple Ways to Interrupt Someone Politely in English Conversations

Ways to Interrupt Someone

Here are some ways to interrupt someone in a conversation that will allow you to interject and make your point while still being polite to the other members of the conversation. Ways to Interrupt Someone Politely How to Interrupt Someone Politely These are some expressions you can use to nicely interrupt. Excuse me for butting … Read more

10 Interesting Collocations with LOSE in English

Collocations with Lose

Common Collocations with Lose! Here is a list of useful collocations with Lose in English you should know. Collocations with Lose List of “Lose” Collocations Below is the list of common collocations with the word “Lose” with the example sentences. Lose weight Lose money Lose the way Lose one’s mind Lose the match Lose a game … Read more

19 Popular Expressions for Asking for Information

Asking for Information

Phrases for asking for information!!! If you need to ask someone for information, you can use some common English expressions for asking for information as below. English Phrases for Asking for Information Here are 19 English phrases you can use to ask somebody for the information you need. I’m looking for… I’d like to know… Do you know…? Could you … Read more